Superfluous Surfing Saturday: Thoughts, what-not and leftovers

This week’s Superfluous Surfing Saturday isn’t so much surfing the Interwebs as it is just surfing thoughts.

Well, after that superfluous introduction, here goes:


Was in a Subway restaurant bathroom the other night and saw that it had hand and body foam instead of soap. I wondered how many people actually use the foam to take a bath in there. Then again, I probably don’t want to know.


Was at a local school board meeting that I cover for the newspaper for which I work when overheard this by regional manager of food service company with which the district contracts:

“We need to get them [the students] excited about lunch.”

Hmmmm. Maybe that’s why our county has a higher childhood and adult obesity rates than the rest of our state.

Another concept that the regional director tossed out there: letting the youth decide what they want to eat.

Yep. Another great idea.

Can we says burgers, fries, pizza and double-stacked meat subs? How about ice cream and milkshakes to help the struggling dairy industry too?


Dumb question by reporter to senior high school basketball player after the team lost the last game of his high school career:

“So with this being your last game of your high school career and losing, were you disappointed?”


After this incident, the reporter noticed he and another player trying to stifle snicker and pointing fingers in the reporter’s direction. Okay, not so much trying as well…not trying.

“Like what did he ask you?”

“He asked me if I was disappointed with losing. My response: ‘Uh, yeah, f***face.'”

Yep, that reporter was me last night. In my defense, I hadn’t had anything to eat for several hours after not bringing cash with me to buy food at the game, which is why I ended up at a Subway restaurant right after the game and devouring a sub on the way home.


Left over from yesterday’s post about reel-to-reel tapes:

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