Laid off? Go fishing!

Last week while working on a story for a newspaper, I interviewed a business owner in a neighboring town who told me that the one part of his variety store that did well especially during layoffs at local companies was the sporting goods department. He said whenever people were laid off, they went fishing.

I thought that was a very trenchant observation. Today’s word of the day: trenchant, brought to you by the letter T:

So I thought I’d Google fishing layoffs and here is one of the suggestions that had on its website of 100 Things To Do If You’ve Been Laid Off. Under No. 14: Take a vacation is “Go fishing.”

Go figure.

I’ll let you read the rest on your own leisure time, but the ones that struck me, besides No. 14, were No. 1: Don’t jump off a bridge and No. 100: Think big…

…which somehow made me think of this:


Don’t ask me why.

I also Googled “when laid off go fishing” and came across a forum board for, Minnesota’s Fishing Source! where one young man who just got laid off was planning on going fishing. So it must be true that when some people get laid off, they go fishing.

But what happens when the folks responsible for stocking the fish are laid off, then what? Why I mention is because I also came across this in my Google search: Layoffs projected at Fish and Wildlife in the Yakima Herald-Republic.

I guess the lesson is this: If you’re laid off and you plan on going fishing, don’t go to Washington, but go to Minnesota instead.

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