Sunday Shout Out #7: Two questions for you and me, and favorite posts this week

shout out 7

This week’s Sunday Shout Out is in the form of two questions.

Charlie Hatton poses the first question Where The Hell Was I? Hatton is one of those bloggers that I happened across by “mistake” over at Entrecard. Long story short: Someone was stealing posts from Hatton, who made the blogger who was with Entrecard take his posts down. Regardless of how I discovered him, I’m glad I did. He often gets lost in the midst of his train of thought, and I think we all can relate to that.

Vic poses the next question What Were You Thinking? Her profile reads:

When I was little the moon used to follow behind our car at night. Our neighbor had a bathtub in the front yard. I thought that would be cool. My earlobes are attached.

Yes, she’s a little (okay, a lot) quirky, and while sometimes I don’t think you can know what she is thinking, it almost always is funny.

Among favorite posts I read this week were, starting with Charlie and Vic:

* Nice Guys Finish Assed, says Charlie.
* Vic talks about getting kid-friendly organic water in Let’s Get Groceries!
* Chris Cameron @ Angry Seafood has a case of the Winter Attacks.
* Doug @ Taunt Vortex this past Monday looked back on a Sunday Lunch he and his wife had with his son, Moose, and Moose’s new girlfriend, Tiffany, a stripper.
* Friday, one of my favorite bloggers, Jenn Thorson @ Of Cabbages and Kings (not only because she’s from my home state of Pennsylvania, but that’s one of the reasons 🙂 ) parodies Don McLean’s American Pie with The Day The PC Died.
* Also on Friday, slightlydrunk @ recounts a bad date with a former Centerfold.
* On Thursday, Deb @ Deb on the Rocks asks different bloggers her own question on her birthday: Are You My Mommyblogger? A Night Story for My Birthday.
* Finally, Jeff @ View From The Cloud shares another of his diary entries in Dear Diary – Dawn, about a romantic tryst with a…well, you’ll have to read it…and a heart-felt poem he wrote for her.

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