Flashback Friday #1: Valuing friends and the wife

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about instituting a new theme day here called Flashback Friday, using St. Ignatius’ Examen to look back on things for which I’m not grateful and for which I’m grateful, based off ideas presented in book Sleeping with Bread.

Today, I’m starting that theme, while also providing a link to a blog where you can participate in this, if you’d like. It also is called Sleeping With Bread. I will be adding this post there on Monday (as theirs is a Monday meme, for me, though, it works better to end the week as a time for reflection and a time to look ahead to the new week) and ask you to join if you would like there.

All kinds of things rejoiced in my soul in their company– to talk and laugh, and to do other kindnesses; to read pleasant books together; to pass from lightest jesting to talk of the deepest things and back again; to differ without rancor, as persons might differ with themselves, and when most rarely dissension arose, to find our normal agreement all the sweeter for it; to teach each other and to learn from each other.

These and such things kindled a flame, that fused our very souls together and made us one out of many.

–St. Augustine in his Confessions 4, 8

Topping this week’s list of “things” for which I’m most grateful are friends. I’ll be honest that I don’t have a lot of them IRL, but I do have a few. Last night, for example, after a rehearsal for a men’s chorus to which I belong, we ended up going across the street to a local bar and hang out. Like St. Augustine’s quote above, we don’t always agree, especially on the political front, but we still get along.

    Other things for which I’m grateful this week:

    • friends IRL (from chorus and college) and online (Humor-Blogs.com, Humorbloggers, Sunday Salon, Weekly Geeks, Facebook and SparkPeople, just to name a few of the online communities to which I belong)
    • receiving career counseling from my college alma mater
    • receiving an assigment from the paper for which I work for a little more money than they usually pay
    • being a member of the men’s chorus in our town

    And not grateful:

    • not listening to wife when she came to me with problem earlier this week and taking her seriously at first
    • spending too much time on Internet with those not IRL friends and not listening to wife enough
    • not following through with spiritual  readings each morning and night
    • Men’s Chorus, which may seem ironic since it was on the other list, but sometimes I must admit I get tired of the bickering of the mostly senior group of men that comprise the chorus, and the songs that are so far out-of-date and ultra-patriotic that it is sickening. All this said, I enjoy most of the music and the camaraderie.

    Lord, first thank you for those “things” for which I am most grateful this week and second, help me with the other “things” for which I am least grateful, that I might change to conform to Your will. Amen.

    5 responses to “Flashback Friday #1: Valuing friends and the wife

    1. Nice nostalgic and practical post!

      Practically at Home


      Where is FLASHBACK FRIDAY? I’d love to explore it. 😉

    2. I’m with Mel and Mary Lue – Thanks for joining in the meme. Isn’t it interesting when the things we are most and least grateful for are the same sometimes, or at least different aspects of them.

    3. I fixed the widget and pasted your link in! Sorry about that. I’ll do better next week!

    4. Hi there! I’m glad you joined us. I’m sorry I didn’t have the host post up in time, but it is ready to go now.

      I’m with Mel… I like the honesty in your writing. I look forward to reading more of your SWB entries.

    5. Hello…….and I’m glad to see you joining us.

      I like the honesty in your writing and like you, some of the ‘not so much’ are about me and my attitude.

      Thanks for sharing your bread with us. I hope we’ll hear from you again!