The 4400

My blogroll has been out of control for a while. So to simplify it, I’ve lumped you altogether into a group called the 4400 (also because I don’t like separating you into castes, and I think all of you are funny– or at least mildly amusing 😉 ). The top 25 posts from the blogroll will be listed in the far right sidebar on my blog, and the entire blogroll will be listed here with a new link at the top of the page (just to the right of my logo).

Why I called the roll the 4400 is because this way, I can leave it open for as many as I would like to add. I was thinking the 144,000 as the Mormons Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in 144,000 being selected for the roll call in heaven, but then opted for the 4400. Plus many of you, I believe, just may have been abducted by aliens, because I cannot put a finger on your sense of humor.

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