Sunday Shout Out #5: Scott’s Tip of the Day, A Spoonful of Shut Up and favorite posts of the week


This week’s Shout Out is brought to you by the letter S, as I bring you two bloggers new to me within recent months:

First, new to me, just this past week is Scott’s Tip of the Day. He actually sent me a personal e-mail asking if I could link to him, and on the same day, someone also introduced The Wife to him. I made him no promises, but said I might would give him a shout out this Sunday, if he was funny enough.

Well, I guess I deemed him funny enough because here he is. Scott, who humbly calls himself “All-Knowing Guru,” gives a tip each day that is short, to the point and often pretty darned funny.

Second is a blogger I discovered maybe about a month ago: A Spoonful of Shut Up.
He calls himself The Josh and from what I seen in his archives, he’s been blogging for a couple of years now, but with only a handful of posts each month. Personally, I want more posts than that and if you read him, I think you’ll want more posts from him also.

This week’s favorite posts (in no particular order):

Diesel @ The Mattress Police confesses “I’m Huge In China.”

Chelle B. @ The Offended Blogger launches yet another offensive, this time against Obama, in The Tell Your Mommy Obammie is a Commie Offensive.

Margaret @ Nanny Goats In Panties pleads with the Chinese and the rest of us to Say No to the Year of the Ox but yes to the Year of the Goat among other ideas of what the year should be called.

Canucklehead also weighs in on the Year of the Ox in Knock Your Ox Off.

Captain Dick returns to The Bad Ones Hurt Forever with yet another ill-advised tattoo in Sweepin’ The Clouds Away.

Out of the Mouth of Dave comes Obama’s Presidential Breakfast analyzed.

Harris Bloom @ Why Me? The Life and Times of Harris Bloom gives a concrete example of just exactly how The Times They Are A’ Changin’. Harris is one of my favorite bloggers and comedians. You have to read him over time. He’ll grow on you.

In a worldwide exclusive, Grant Miller @ Grant Miller Media releases letters written from Bush to Obama.

AmyOops compiles a list of Bushisms, complete with pictures in a way only Amy can.

I have to give a special thanks to for Stumbling my own answer to a meme that I was sent last week from Soggy Doggy Bloggy.

Here was my answer: 25 Things About You, Interwebs, The Train Obama Rode In On, in which I didn’t quite follow the rules in revealing much about myself, but instead turning it around to put the spotlight on the humor blogosphere, well, sort of, where I poked a little bit of fun at the following groups:, Humor Bloggers and Blogerella.

On a serious note, I’d like to thank all of you who have voted for me over at and helped me reach No. 1, at least for a short time. I’d also ask you to stop by my page over at Humor Bloggers and give me a review (you don’t even have to register), if you could. Even though I’ve said it too many times, it’s true: Without each of these groups, I wouldn’t have met many of you (wiping tear from my eye). Thank you again for your support.

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