Wrong thoughts on the inauguration of our first black President

This morning I had to go in with The Wife to work to pick up our car to take to the shop. On the way there, we were listening to NPR’s pre-coverage of the inauguration and we, being white people who live in the middle of a county where no black people exist except on TV and only in sporting events because after all, they real good at ‘dem sporting events, couldn’t help but think a few inappropriate thoughts and then say them out loud.

Well, when I say “We,” I mean, “me” of course, mostly me.

The correspondents made note of the large number of black people in the crowds there. They said something to the effect that they never had seen so many black people in D.C. and so many young people too.

The Wife: “I think they mean ‘unthreatening Nego youth’…like at a Howard University graduation.”

Me: “Oh, yeah, they’re scared. Don’t want ‘bands of roving Negro youth,’ you know.”

Of course, I couldn’t stop there.

“You know that Million Man March that they said there weren’t a million? Well, I bet there are now.”

“And did you notice that all the announcers today have those names: Meshell and Inette? and then there’s Vakshmir Sling.”

The Wife (trying not to laugh): “Lakshmir Singh, you mean.”

I’ve also since learned that Meshell is how you say it, but she spells it Michele (Norris).

I probably would have said much more but that’s when we were struck from behind by a local university student not paying attention to what was going on in front of him (i.e. my wife braking at an intersection).

Justice? Like Dr. King paraphrased Amos 5:24: “…justice will roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.” The original verse stated: “But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.”

Maybe it was judgment. Maybe it was.


Lest you think I am a total racist (meaning really I’m only half a racist, much better, huh?), The Wife wanted me to add tonight that actually we love black people, which of course reminded me of this scene from Jerry McGuire:


And lest you think this is completely serious, and to prevent spam from the PC Police, let me also point out that I am a member of these fine organizations with a common word at least among two of them:


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