Sunday Shout Out #4: Blicky Kitty, Soggy Doggy Bloggy and favorite posts of last week

I know that it’s Monday. Thank the two NFL conference championship games for ruining my Sunday. While a much-anticipated Pennsylvania matchup (at least by me and the rest of the denizens of our fair Commonwealth) didn’t happen, my Steelers got through and it will be up to them to shut down the Cardinals who have been flying high on 30-plus point performances through the playoffs, but I believe the Steel Curtain will be up to the task.

Anyhoo, back to the real reason I’ve brought you all together for this post, I’ve split this week’s Sunday Shout Out between two new blogs I’ve added to my blogroll:

1. Blicky Kitty
2. Soggy Doggy Bloggy

Go check them out. Why? Because I said so, and they both seem to be pretty funny, if first impressions count for anything, which I hope they do.

I had a stomach flu most of last week, so I wasn’t as diligent about my blog reading as I usually am. However, here’s some of the funny posts that caught my eyes as I was scanning through Google Reader:

Pistols at Dawn @ Save Your Generation tells about Giving the Gift of Disappointment in a post that is Heavy On the use Of “Randomly Capitalizing Things in O’Er Long Sentences” but light on The Eyes and the Heart for his analysis of Christmas gift-Giving.

Matt @ That Tears It… shares his 7 New Laws of the Universe, in a post in which he shows us that he spends way too much time eating out (Arby’s, McDonald’s) and shopping (Wal-Mart) and problems he has encountered at said establishments.

Janna @ The Jannaverse gets my vote for the weirdest post of the week for I dreamed I was Carrot Top’s girlfriend. The girl has issues. Just read the post, if you don’t believe me.

DrowseyMonkey posts a link to a video of a recap of Star Wars trilogy by someone who hasn’t seen it in Going to the Dark Side…or Whatever.

Anonymous Doug @ Renal Failure is an old school pervert in I can’t get off it’s not Times New Roman.

Charlie Hatton @ Where The Hell Was I? says Thanks for the Memory (Card), but no thanks to his dog for helping him unpackage the new memory card for his cellphone.

Tiggy @ gives a review of an oldie-but-a-goodie (?) in Tiggy’s Hit Parade – A Dead Good Record.

Nanny Goats in Panties admits she is a Honky without the Tonk.

The road goes ever on and on…
for my wife @ Dispatches from the Northern Outpost in this random post of notes she took while on the road for her job.

And last, but not least, JohnnyB, in a timely post for Martin Luther King Day, gives us Movie Review: MLK! in this tribute, well, sort of to the great civil rights leader.

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