Lesson I learned yesterday after falling on ice twice

where I fell

Okay, I didn’t really lose consciousness, but you know that feeling when as you’re falling after you slip on ice and time slows down a la The Matrix and you step outside yourself for a moment and think this would be cool if he was dodging bullets until you realize that he’s not dodging bullets, he’s only slipping on ice in his own driveway, and that he is you and that you are about to hit the ice hitting the ice with your shoulder blades and suddenly the pain goes up to the base of your neck to your brain where it registers into one word and that word isn’t God, well, isn’t just God? Yes, it was like that.

Then after he I made it to the car and went to the post office, I then fell down in the ice-covered parking lot there. As I was walking into the post office, I turned to wave to a man in his truck. Did I know the man? No. Being the friendly person that I am, I just turned to wave and as I did, my feet once again slipped out from underneath me. This time, I was lucky enough to catch myself with my left elbow.

Funny thing or not so funny, depending on how you look at it, is that the post office doesn’t own the parking lot next to the post office– Whaaaa? Yes, that’s what I said. It’s owned by a local hotel in town, who owns a lodge on the other side of the parking lot, but they don’t use the parking lot and they don’t block off the parking lot so unsuspecting boobs like myself don’t fall there. I only discovered this after I went into the post office, where they told me all this, probably to insure that I didn’t sue their asses.

The moral of the story: Watch what you’re doing.


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