Sunday Shout Out #2: Renal Failure…and 10 favorite posts from this week

Renal Failure

The first time I encountered this blogger, I’m not sure if I completely understood the concept. I’m not sure I even understand the term “renal failure.” In fact, RF can tell you I didn’t, because I had some kind of asinine aside about the blog in a comment and he slammed me (as I should have been) down for being an ignoramaus (which admittedly I was).

However, after that, I actually began reading this blog and was, and am still being, drawn into the strange world of characters with whom RF populates his blog from Anonymous Doug to Tina the Lesbian and a whole host in between.

I also got to know RF over at Humor Bloggers Fantasy Football League Blog where he battled a valiant, if ultimately futile, fight for The People– and kicked his ass, thanks to Dallas Clark. But he was a good sport about it and didn’t lash out at me like Leigh’s husband did for the trash talk I instituted against Leigh, who won the league. Of course, in Leigh’s husband’s defense, I might have deserved it. But it was all in good fun.


Among my other favorite posts this week, besides the one from Leigh’s husband:

My Angry Letter to A Candy Bar from John J. Savo at The Authoring Auctioneer

New Year’s Resolution from Harris Bloom at Why Me? The Life and Times of Harris Bloom

Never Rub Wintergreen Oil on a Buddy’s Testicles from Don Kingery at Beyond Left Field

Sheep To Sue Dictionary Over Use of Word ‘Meh’ from Hindleyite at Retroyakking

Suddenly Seeking “My Gays” from Angie at Cup of Snarky (if you’re easily offended, then this is, I mean, NOT the post for you)

Of Cabbages and King’s New Year’s Irresolutions from Jenn Thorson at Of Cabbages and Kings

a celebration of 2008-a year of the muskrat from the muskrat at Father Muskrat (where you can find even more links, but they’re all worth clicking)

Freakin’ Florida from thinkinfyou at Writing Quiets the Voices in my Head

Happy New Year 2 U and Your Pets from Speedcat Hollydale — if for nothing else, the great song! a must listen!

and last but not least

BIG NEWS from Catherinette at Bridget Jones Has Nothing On Her, in which Catherinette does her best drunken blogging impression (or does she, either way, it’s funny)


Humor Bloggers Come on over and give me a review, if you likey.

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