Essential Surfing Saturday: Humorbloggers dot com


Today’s Superfluous Surfing Saturday is being preempted by Essential Surfing Saturday. We will return to our regular feature next Saturday.

Wait, wait, don’t be scared away by the photo of the mating zebras.

Come back. Not everyone there is into mating zebras. I’m certain there are some freaks there (in fact, quite certain after visiting the forum and chat room there), but not everyone there is a freak.

That’s just one of many banners that were created by Janna of to help promote one of the best new sites for humor bloggers THE best new site for humor bloggers in the history of the universe.


So what kind of funny sites will you find there at the center of the humor blogging universe? Click on the universe image above to find out.

You have other questions, Chelle B., cabal leader from The Offended Blogger and her minions (don’t worry, they’re not really that scary except after getting up in the morning; thank God, they don’t have video access to humor bloggers in the chatroom, that would be scary, I tell you– remember that scene in Aliens? Yeah, you know the one, well, yeah, imagine that times a hundred — of course, not that I know since they don’t have video, but I’m imagining what some of those folks there would look like after a night of tequila, vodka or B-52s) have the answers…


If after reading them, and seeing all the features available for bloggers, from help with StumbleUpon and Entrecard, to name just a couple, plus a very cool gameroom to which you will have access, and you’d like to join, then I have the link for you for that too:

HERE. It’s not automatic. There is a democratic voting process, but once you’re in, let the fun begin.

You’ll have access to not only full access to a community of funny bloggers, but also full access to a wealth of practical information from bloggers who have been there (wherever “there” is, but rest assured, most of the bloggers there have been to that other there of which you’re thinking).

I could go on all afternoon, but I’d rather you spent your time checking out the Humorbloggers dot com site for yourself. So go, be, and above all laugh.

Oh, and don’t forget if you do sign up, tell them Unfinished Rambler sent you.

P.S. Sorry if I shouted, but it’s worth shouting about. Really.

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