My Obligatory Wii Post

Everybody else is talking about Wii.

My sister.


Even The Nemesing One has one.

And if you want to see a review of them, Review Spew has one.

So now it’s my turn.

But I’m going to talk about the real wheeeeeee….


Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about and yes, we wore the Jimmie Walker caps, even sometimes like Dumb Donald, stocking cap pulled down over our heads with holes cut out for our eyes.

No plugs, TV, big screens, medium-sized screens needed.

And when that particular piece of playground equipment was full, we would go over and go whee on this:

Playground Slide

Once “we” stood for this:

We the People
then it became this:

wee wee man

Click on photo for more information or to purchase for your wee
little one so he won’t wee on you.

Now this?


Enough is enough.

WE need to stop this merry go round before it goes out of control. Don’t forget what happened in England:

Someone could get hurt or even killed.

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