Jesus, Mary and Joseph; The Original 12; The 47 Ronin and The Crazy 88

After being up until 4 a.m., tooling around with my template to get the images to work for my last post (no link this time, just scroll down or back, geez Louise — I think Louise was Jesus’ second cousin, twice removed), I decided earlier today to switch up my blogrolls.

I know. I know. I just did that, not too long ago (no link again, because I don’t want you to see where I might have reshuffled you), but this time I’m being more democratic about it, at least for how I determined the top 12, what I call the original 12.

The Original 12: They were the ones who were with me when I first began this blog and commented first. Their comments can be found at my archives on my blog because I never figured out how to migrate the comments into Blogger easily. Some of these bloggers still follow me; I follow all of them (well, now anyway, because I’d look like a cad if I didn’t), even though some are like old friends from high school you only see once every five to 10 years. Some I wish would return to the blogging world, poor lost sheep; you know who you are, Damon. I’d provide a link for him, but there’s not much there until he returns. I await his Second Coming….

…which brings me to the subject of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I decided to start with three bloggers, though, who, for me, have influenced me heavily and while I could have gone with calling them by the names of the Holy Trinity, I remember something in my Bible about not blaspheming the Holy Spirit (it might not have been in yours, but it was in mine; your mileage may vary). So I decided to be blasphemous but to a lesser degree and without invoking the name of the Evil One.

I won’t say whether for better or for worse, but these three have influenced me (and for these, I will provide links, even though you can go to the blogroll in sidebar at right and get there yourself, but as the triumvirate of humor bloggers they deserve the links). They are, in random order, you can decide which is Jesus, Mary or Joseph: Johnny Virgil, Chelle B. and Diesel.

Johnny has 15 Minute Lunch, and I learned recently, because I have a very short memory, was one of the first bloggers my wife discovered, and she, in turn, introduced me to (link below, I mean, come on how many freaking links do you need), which leads me to the Lord High and Mighty of (and now Blogerella) Himself, Diesel.

Then shortly after that, I crossed paths with Chelle B., now the Cabal Leader over at Humorbloggers (fair is fair, that link is below also). I was deeply offended by her blog, especially by her characterization of Jesus (just one example).

As someone who loves tacos myself, both hard- and soft-shelled, and a big fan of Culture Clash, who in no way made fun of the Chicano/Latino/wetback communities, how could I not be offended? I just kept reading to see who else she could offend and she hasn’t disappointed. She’s an equal opportunity offender.

The 47 Ronin: If you read the story of the 47 Ronin closely on Wikipedia, which I didn’t because I was too tired this morning, from what I gather these samurai dudes killed themselves defending the honor of their leader. The point was, though, the loyalty they had. In the same way, these 47 are loyal to me, I hope anyway, and I am loyal to them. I hope they don’t kill themselves over me, though, because then I’d lose readers…and I hasten to add, not to mention, great people as well, the best minds of my generation, yadda yadda.

The Crazy 88: This last group are mostly new bloggers that I’ve only recently discovered through either Entrecard, or Humorbloggers, and while they’re not all certifiable crazy, to my knowledge, many of them should be. I still have five openings left for this one. And even though I read on Wikipedia that actually the Crazy 88 only had 44 in the gang, I’m going to rebel against the Quarantino standard (I think he’d like that) and go with actually 88.

If you consider yourself crazy enough, please apply by using the contact form at the top of the page (no samurai skills needed, but if you have some, that would be bitching). And if you don’t get selected now, there might be an opening soon because unfortunately some of these bloggers, like Damon, haven’t been updating as often as they should. I can put you in my Google Reader and we’ll go from there, chola or cholita.*

For more on the blogrolls, see them in my sidebars at right. For those of you in readers, that means you might actually have to visit my site (for the record, I open blogs in separate tabs and look at your pages, so hey, I think you could the same; if you’re offended, talk to Chelle).

Humor Bloggers


* If I didn’t use those terms correctly, forgive me, I’m a white guy from the hills of Pennsylvania who up until the age of 12 didn’t know a person of another race.

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