Sunday Shout Out #1: Mike @ Lust for Life, a modern guy, who’s had it in the ear before

Unfinished Rambler's Sunday Shout Out 2

MikeC @ A Lust for Life is one of the first bloggers on Entrecard that I might have actually stopped and read more than one of his posts. The post that first caught my eye was Go to a Gwar Show!, because I remember Gwar (not necessarily fondly, but I remember them) and I thought who would want to go to one of their shows? Well, Mike, you see is making a list of life experiences, and putting them in one of four categories:

Among items on his list are everything from completing sexual exploits, such as joining the mile high club and having a threesome, to conquering fears, such as walking through a cemetery at night. He tells the reader why he wanted to accomplish the item and then if he accomplished it or not.

To see whether he completed or failed the items mentioned, or if he threw them on the rejected or failed list, click on the links– and on his blog, as he continues his lust for life.

MikeC also will be featured in a sidebar at right as This Week’s Shout Out, for those who might miss this post.

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