Ozzy rules! And yet another meaningless poll: Favorite Christmas comedy songs

I Am Santa Claus!

Actual action figure available (sans beard, hat and speech bubble) from McFarlane Toys (14th item down) with apologies to NeedlessToSay’s Just Because You Don’t Need It.

The poll from last week is over. In case, you missed it was “Who was the best frontman for Black Sabbath?” I’m not putting it up again because even though Vizu says it’s closed, it’s not.

Anyway, with a whopping nine votes, Ozzy won 77.8 percent to 22.2 percent for Dio. Surprisingly, none of the other lead singers, Ian and Ray Gillan, David Donato or Rob Halford received a single vote. I, for one, was completely shocked since I had never heard of any of them except for Halford — and he sucked when he sang for Sabbath.

Now that THAT’s over (whew), on to the next meaningless poll.

In the spirit of Christmas, which is your favorite Christmas comedy song?

Keeping with the Ozzy theme, this one?


For my Canadian friends, this one, eh?


For my Hispanic stoner friends, si?


For my Jewish friends, mazel tov?


I know there’s many more, including the stupid Grandma song, but it gets way too much airplay, so I’m not including it. To vote, visit the poll on my sidebar, or leave in the comments your alternatives or ones I’ve forgotten. “Modern” comedy songs preferred.

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