All hail, the Queen of the HBFFL!

queen leigh

It’s official. Leigh, a.k.a. the inappropriately-named Fantasy Virgin over at Humor Bloggers Fantasy Football League Blog, really is the Queen of the HBFFL.

With a 95-94 win over Chris Cameron‘s team, La Machine, she is the champion of the inaugural year of the league. Myself? I placed third with a 74-60 victory over The White Strypers, coached by Matt (formerly known as The Hypocritical One), and thanks to Kurt Warner’s whopping 1-point performance. Thanks, Kurt.

For the rest of the consolation prizes, visit the blog where Chris will break it down for us later, I’m sure, and I’ll have a Tuesday Morning Quarterback post (still morning on the West Coast when I post it) where I’ll give a tip of the hat to the other losers like me.

In the meantime, a song for Leigh: If not a member, you can register, you don’t even have to have a blog and you’ll receive no spam– even though, as Monty sings, it is lovely and wonderful.


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