The results are in: Kenny Loggins wins!

Chris Cameron from Angry Seafood and I recently had a slight debate over Kenny Loggins and Huey Lewis. For more about the debate, click here where you’ll find a few more links (just what you need, huh?). But at least, on the poll on MY blog, Kenny won, with a whopping six votes against Huey’s four votes. I know, not an overwhelming victory, but a victory nonetheless.

(But yes, that version of “Paranoid” by Rob Halford was awful, Chris. I’ll give you that. I just threw it in because I do like Halford, but yes, it’s a horrible version.)

For this week’s poll, see the far right sidebar. If not a member,you can register, you don’t even have to have a blog and you’ll receive no spam– even though, as Monty sings, it is lovely and wonderful.


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