Meandering Monday #10: My Blog is 0% Badass!

You already knew this, but now Poobomber from The Other Side of Normal has confirmed it:




The other night, I was on the phone with my sister when just after I heard her two-year-old son screaming, I heard her say this:

If you throw up tonight, I’m putting you out in the cold.

Wow. Talk about harsh. I mean, I might have thought about putting him out in the cold for screaming like that, and if he was throwing up on me, I’d definitely think about it. But still…I wondered if I should have been dialing Family Services.

So I asked her if she meant her son.

No, you dumb butt, the DOG!

Whew. For a moment, I thought my sister was the real badass.


While The Wife was away, I decided to have a movie festival. One of the movies I watched was this one, which I can’t recommend enough: (for those of you in readers)


Last but not least, this week’s funny find (and possibly this year’s funniest find), who is featured in a sidebar at right, is Johnny B Truant with his blog The Economy Isn’t Happening. I can’t recommend this enough either. If not a member,you can register, you don’t even have to have a blog and you’ll receive no spam– even though, as Monty sings, it is lovely and wonderful.


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