Superfluous Surfing Saturday #4: Wastin’ time


I thought I’d be gay today, no, not homosexual gay, but just general gay (for a fuller explanation and to show you I’m not a total bigot, see JohnnyBTruant’s post on Christmas is gay), and start sort of like those gaytards (again, general gayness, see definition of gaytarded here) that leave comments on other bloggers’ posts: “First!”

Or like a kid that gets to the top of steps, or I imagine like Beatrix Kiddo getting to the top of the staircase of hundred steps at the White Lotus Temple and Pai Mei says to her:

You breathe hard. The one hundred steps robbed you of your wind. So your stupidity is matched only by your weakness.

And then Pai Mei (the symbol of my blogging) beats me to a pulp and threatens to chop off my arm at will…

…yet I keep coming back for more torture, and, for some reason, so do you.


And now from the same friend of mine that brought the inspiration for two of my most popular posts: Springtime for Hitler in South Korea and Actress 서우 Seo Woo: A fine example of South Korean culture comes this gem:

and the New Kids on the Block/’N Sync/Backstreet Boys of Japan, How Gee:

If you’re bored with my rambling, then you’re not the only one: According to Tweeetwasters, unfnshdrambler

has 664 total tweets and assuming they spent an average of 30 seconds per tweet they’ve spent 19,920 Seconds or 332 Minutes or 5.53 Hours or 0.23 Days using Twitter!

And then they had to add this, and in bold:

Hmmm. Only 5.53 hours. Are you this boring in real life?

Whoa. Was that necessary? Am I really that boring? (And the larger existential question: Is my life defined by Twitter? If so, how boring am I really: sitting in front of a computer screen all day? I saw another Twitterer who boasted that she’s “wasted 290,550 Seconds or 4,843 Minutes or 80.71 Hours or 3.36 Days with 9685 Tweets on Twitter!” Is that really something to boast?)


I’m off to do dishes and then come back here to sit on my boring ass and catch up on some blogs over at (if not a member you can register, you don’t even have to have a blog and you’ll receive no spam– even though, as Monty sings, it is lovely and wonderful).

If that’s not exciting enough for you, then I’m going to go to Blogerella too…

…and, oh, the ever-exciting Entrecard, at least, according to my good friend Lobo, who swears by it.

Then I’m going to keep wastin’ time.

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