Meandering Monday #10: Nyuh, THIS is IT (Redux)

When I ask you to remember a song called “This is It,” of what song do you think? If you’re like most normal people, you probably think of the song by Kenny Loggins:

Not Chris Cameron. When he left a YouTube video to accompany a post titled “This is It” over at Humor Bloggers Fantasy Football League Blog, he left this video:

The problem is the song is called “If This Is It”. IF being the operative word here. So being the highbrow individual that I am, I responded to Chris’ post with my own post today titled: “Nyuh, THIS is IT!”.

For more of my perspicacity on the subject, from which I stole freely for this post, see the original post above.


Today I Dugg my first blog post.

Not Your Father’s R & B? Hell, It’s Not Even Mine Anymore by T. Troy Stewart over at BlackCynic America, whom I’ve been following for a little while. Today’s post caught my eye for some reason, because I could see myself getting in the argument he did. To see what I’m talking about, see his post.

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As I told one of my Twittermates (? I don’t know what they’re called ? Tweeples ?) asked me about what one of these things, “Hey, what’s the benefit of [X]?”, I think it’s mainly about finding blogs you like and building traffic to your own site. Other than that, I dunno. (Vote, please, I sooooo want to make the top 10, yes, I’m a geek, but I keep dropping.)


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