My Day of the Ninja 2008

ninja and the cat

This is me in all my ninja-like glory with my wife’s katana and our evil cat as I was dressed up today like a ninja for Day of the Ninja 2008.

Unfortunately, and I know Ask A Ninja Ninja will be disappointed, I wasn’t able to be bad ass all day as I don’t think customers at the bookstore where I work would be too keen on my looking like this. It might them scare away, which is all right if you’re really a ninja, but when you’re trying to draw in customers, not so good.

Plus when you live in a cold clime like I do, you walk around town or even in the store with a t-shirt wrapped around your head, people just think you’re wearing a balaclava.

No, not this:

But this:


Although if I looked like that, I might get more stares (and um, yes, I edited the photo in my Flickr account, with a Christmas decoration that I just had to use, sorry, guys, but I try to run a…ahem…family-friendly blog).


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For all of my loyal followers, the music meme post will be later this weekend. It’s taking a little longer to get together than anticipated. I’m only up to 1982 and still seven more years to go for this second part. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, consult Part 1.

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