D-Day: Day of the Ninja 2008

TO: All Humor-Blogs.com members and others who consider themselves worthy of the task

FROM: Unfinished Rambler Ninja Dude (for today only)

DATE: Dec. 5, 2008

SUBJECT: Day of the Ninja 2008

Today is Day of the Ninja. For those of you unfamiliar with the day, I ask you to consult the link. I first learned of the day from Just Sayin’ at Site Insights.

Basically, you dress up like a ninja (simple really) and do ninja-like stuff, crouch stealthily around and sh*t (a little harder, don’t try this at home).

Through market research and analysis, it has been shown that workers who goof off at least one day a year, if not more, are healthier (remember this guy, he was always at the beach having fun), wealthier (ask this guy) and wiser (consult this guy’s sayings) than their drone-like counterparts (consult this comic strip)

So what I am asking you to do today is join me and Just Sayin’ in this worldwide movement to be a ninja today.

Send me links of your photos of you dressed up like a ninja today, preferably at work (or like I’m going to take a picture of myself later here at my desk — originally planned to take for this post…but my camera broke…will be added in later, no, really– for your amusement or not dressed up like a ninja). Or better yet send me a link to your video and I’ll post them here.

Attached: A YouTubeAPalooza of Videos About Ask The Ninja Day

How the day began (from 2006):


And from this year:


And just for gits and shiggles, a special webcast from Mythbusters:



It’s simple to register, you don’t even have to have a blog and you’ll receive no spam– even though, as Monty sings, it is lovely and wonderful.

Also found on Blogerella

(Coming later today, the photos of me dressed as a ninja, plus for all my loyal followers– now up to 17 on Blogger, oooooohhhh– Part II of a Flashback Friday that began with this post and has me reeling through the years.)

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