This blog post is brought you to by the No. 9, No. 9

Apologies to those of you who received a strange empty post in your feeder by the title “No. 9, No. 9:” Now on to hopefully a real post of No. 9, No. 9 in honor of my ninth Meandering Monday and coincidentally (I kid you not) my 90th post on this blog::

Obviously, this blog post is brought to you by the No. 9:

So nine random things, not all about me:

1. Earlier this week, The Times-Tribune in Scranton sued the Times-Leader in Wilkes-Barre because the Tribune’s parent company, Times-Shamrock, says the Times-Leader has been stealing its obituaries. In response, the Times-Leader says it got the information for the obituaries from a website that both papers use called

I thought I’d call my sister who writes obituaries for a newspaper to get her opinion on the subject, but since she didn’t answer her phone according to my timetable

I won’t have her comments here.

Oh, wait (tapping fingers on my desk for 20 minutes) here she is:

My opinion is…ummm…I don’t know if they have somebody writing their things…

…sorry, it’s not plagiarism when you didn’t write it yourself. It’s like saying they used the same AP story that another site did, because it’s a paid service. They’re taking it from That’s just bizarre to me…

Plagiarizing would be like taking their editorials…

You little mutt, get away. ARGH. I got ice cream for Jonathan. Stop writing, MORON, you Moron [as if Moron is a different kind of species, which maybe we…I mean…they are]…

No Jonathan’s got blisters in his mouth, like huge…*

and Copper just ate the ice cream I got for Jonathan…

I just copy, change it to fit AP style. Other than that, I don’t write them. I don’t actually craft them.

So there you have it from my sister, the obituarist herself.

* To see what my nephew has, visit her blog here, where she explains it– and luckily for you (and me), not in as excruciating detail as she usually does on her mommy blog.

2. Slow blogging. I have to give credit to seeing this over at Nanny Goats in Panties first, but it still caught MY eye (just one eye, mind you, as my other eye was looking at her cute butt, see the link for explanation, I’m not some goat pervert).

One blogger even composed a Slow Blog Manifesto, with the No. 1 rule: “Slow blogging is a rejection of immediacy.”

So with that mind, I’m not writing the rest of this post until tomorrow….

…I’ll let you ponder THAT for the next 24 hours.

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