Superfluous Surfing Saturday #2: Celebrating the odd holidays and Day of the Ninja, Dec. 5

I don’t mean to laugh when a man shoots himself in the leg, but one comment on this post about N.Y. Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress doing just that made me laugh.

The comment is about 15 to 16 comments in and begins “PLAXICO is not for everyone.” Unfortunately, I’d probably think the whole situation was funnier if the asshat wasn’t on my fantasy football team and I had to play Justin Gage from the Tennessee Titans, who only yielded me a whopping four points.


On the flip side, another one of my players, Brian Westbrook, running back with the Eagles, went off for four touchdowns, two passing and two rushing touchdowns after coming back from (yet another) injury and put up 42 points on Thanksgiving.

Other players on my team: Willie Parker (plagued by injuries all year), running back with the Steelers; T.J. Houshmandzadeh (yaaaaawwwwn, sort of like this post so far), wide receiver with the Bengals, and another troublemaker Larry Johnson, running back with the Chiefs.

For more of a somewhat humorous take on fantasy football, visit Humor Bloggers Fantasy Football League Blog, the home of the fantasy football league.


Thanks to a “friend” at Facebook, I learned that today was Square Dance Day, proving that there truly is a day for everything– and a dance even for tractors.

Funniest part: Let’s put the green tractor with the green tractor and the red tractor with the red tractor. After all, you have to keep ’em separated.

And for something, sorry, but so horrid I won’t even embed it, I will just leave a link, check out this “ghetto square dance.”

Oh, and tomorrow is Stay Home Because You Are Well Day, which for The Wife is especially ironic since not only is she sick, but at least here where we live, it’s Sunday and she doesn’t work anyway. Thanks, Wellcat, for creating the day and letting it fall on Sunday. I kid you not, they have 80 copyrighted holidays.

I’m just disappointed that I missed Have A Bad Day Day and Blasè Day, where I could have reveled in my apathy for the day. Instead, now I’ll have to wait until next year.

Next fun day: Barbie and Barney Backlash Day, where you tell your kids that Barbie and Barnie don’t exist. The idea sprung from Nietzsche’s philosophy on the death of God, I believe or don’t believe, as the case may be, and depending on the day.

I think there should be a Barbara Walters and Barney “The First Dog” Backlash Day where we can tell ourselves that neither of them exist (although I don’t know if I even knew Bush’s dog was named Barney until I went superfluously surfing today, or if I did, it was relegated to my subconscious).

Among fun days coming up in January: Jan. 3, Memento Mori Day, where you post “Memento, mori” (Remember, you die in Latin) around home and work.

In the meantime, before then (i.e. before you die), enjoy this video I found while surfing around for my Flashback Friday post yesterday (and a “in your face” to Axl Rose):


And last but not least, in honor of this Friday, Dec. 5, which is Day of the Ninja, I leave you with this bit of silliness (also found yesterday in my surfing):

which reminded of this from one of the more underrated movies from Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy:

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