A to Z music meme

In response to a meme at Don’s Stuff, where he highlighted a few of his favorite artists A to Z, I thought I’d do the same. I couldn’t pick just one for each, so here they are:

Anthrax (Armstrong, Louis)
Beatles, The (Black Sabbath)
Cash, Johnny (Coasters, The)
Dream Theater (D’Arby, Terence Trent)
Extreme (Eminem)
Funkadelic (Fleetwood Mac)
G ‘n’ R (Goodman, Benny)
Hendrix, Jimi (Holiday, Billie)
Iron Maiden (Ideola)
James, Etta (Johnson, Blind Willie)
King’s X (Kansas)
Led Zeppelin (Living Colour)
Metallica (Megadeth)
Nicks, Stevie (Nirvana)
Ozzy Osbourne
Petra (Pearl Jam, Public Enemy)
Queen (Queensryche)
REM (Rage Against the Machine, Run DMC)
Springsteen, Bruce (Soundgarden)
Taylor, Steve (Travis Tritt)
Violent Femmes (Van Halen)
Who, The (Wills, Bob and His Texas Playboys)
ZZ Top

Just for gits and shiggles and a way to kill a night by finding videos. Click on the bands or artists you enjoy or ones you may have never heard of, although most should be pretty recognizable.

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