Superfluous Surfing Saturday #1: Eurovision

Inspired by Poombomber’s post Rocking Saturday – Possibly the Longest Single Post Dedicated to Making Your Page Load Time Exceed Ten Minutes. OR “The Most Bizarre Random Collection of Music in One Blog Entry Ever.” Or perhaps, “Longest Blog Post Title Ever”. OR “I’d better use a ‘more’ tag, cause it’s out of control.” OR “My Quest To Bring Down YouTube’s Servers Singlehandedly”. OR “An Adventure Through Big Hair Bands, Classical Music, and Just Odd Songs That I Love.” at The Other Side of Normal, I’m starting another alliterative themed day here at Unfinished Rambler. It’s going to be called Superfluous Surfing Saturday, and while similar to Meandering Monday, will be different in that it will deal with just one subject.

This Saturday’s subject: Eurovision

Until yesterday, I never had heard of Eurovision, or the European Broadcasting Union which holds an annual song contest (since 1956), but now that I have, I’m addicted.

In my research on Frère Jacques, I came across this entry in Wikipedia and then this video of the song by the same name by Anne-Marie Besse, who performed it in 1977 in the contest:

From there, I was led to the group Baccara (and um, I’m not trying to make a statement on Prop 8 or anything, no, really, I’m not):

who had the Luxembourgish entry “Parlez-vous français?” for the 1978 contest:

who were better known for this song:

The group didn’t win in 1978. So who did?

The Israeli entry of “A-Ba-Ni-Bi” by Izhar Cohen and Alphabeta, of course:

If this was a winner, what were some of the other winners? I wondered. This was how I came across an entry on Wikipedia of the Best of Eurovision, which was held in 2006 to determine the best song from the contest by means of an opinion poll. The best?

“Wild Dances” by Ruslana, representing the Ukraine:

who surprisingly even bested the only artist or group whose name I even recognized on the list, Abba, who won the contest in 1974 for the song, “Waterloo”:

To me, the most intriguing (and most in-your-face) winner, though, was in 2006 with the Finnish band Lordi performing “Hard Rock Hallelujah”:

with the more polished video for you MTV posers here:

So who won this year?

Dima Balin from Russia with “Believe”:

with the MTV version here: with the obligatory schmaltz.

Wait, this just in. I also recognize another winner from 1988 for Switzerland, even though she is Canadian:


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