Meandering Monday #7: What we’ve got here is an ouroboros

My wife and I don’t have cable or satellite (by choice). As such, we miss out on a lot of the barrage of news. Well, to paraphrase Peter in Office Space, I wouldn’t say we “miss” it, Bob.

On Friday night, however, as I was volunteering at a hospice and NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams happened to be on the telly (no, I’m not British, but I’ve watched enough Britcoms on BBCAmerica that sometimes I lapse into Britspeak). I really wasn’t listening until this quote from economist Lakshman Achuthan:

If consumers pull back in response to job losses, then businesses pull back in response to consumers pulling back.

So in the end, it’s our (the consumers) fault.

This was the image (or a rough facsimile thereof) that came to mind:

which I have since learned is called The Ouroboros (which should not be confused with George Soros although it sounds very similar).

So as Christmas approaches and you’re out of a job, the best that you can do is (no, not fall in love as Christopher Cross once sang but) spend your ass off:



Then as if there wasn’t enough news last Friday, Williams shared this:

Live video by Ustream

I say, “Let sleeping dogs lie!”


And last but certainly not least for today’s Meandering Monday, I have to acknowledge reception of yet another award I’ve received:


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