TSS: Stuck in a reading rut

Okay, how do you know when you’re stuck in a rut with your reading? How about this: it’s the middle of the month and you’ve been reading the same book since the start of the month? Yes, it’s true. I’ve been reading one book, The Gypsy Morph, the third part of The Genesis of Shannara series by Terry Brooks since November 1.

Okay, in my defense, I did read The Great Brain by John D. Fitzgerald also since then for my feature Monday’s Memory. However, I didn’t read anything for this past Monday’s Memory and only wrote one post since my last Sunday Salon, giving people an update on a book giveaway I announced in October.

Is it because the book is boring? No. It’s all right, but it’s not…what do you say…moving me? I feel like Brooks phoned this one in. Plus I guess it’s my own state of ennui and maybe a bit of seasonal affective disorder (he writes, as he turns on a light and suddenly feels happier already).

I also have been busy with working two part-time jobs for too little pay and volunteering at a hospice. Last night I stayed overnight at the hospice with an 83-year-old man who is dying of cancer. He slept soundly through the night, as he has been, but still when you feel responsible for someone, it’s not like you can go to sleep easily. As such, I stayed up most of the night, checking in on him– just to see if he was breathing.

However, not everything has been a downer. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been remodeling my blog, Unfinished Rambler (formerly Unfinished Ramblings), which is a part of a group called Humor-Blogs.com. If you’re feeling the effects of SAD, it’s a good site to go to get rid of your blues.

So I’ll probably finish the Brooks book today, since I am only 100 pages from the end– and it’s not challenging reading. Next up: The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, and if I can find at the library, Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel for a discussion over at travel the world from a comfy chair on Book Blogs at Ning (which it looks like I’m already behind on).

Coming up here this afternoon on Just A (Reading) Fool: an award meme from Mog’s Blog and More…

9 responses to “TSS: Stuck in a reading rut

  1. Poisonwood Bible is one of my favorite books.
    Wow, working at the Hospice must be very difficult. And it’s such a selfless thing to do. I’m sure they appreciate your help very much.

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  3. Maybe you are suffering from autumn-itis. I temporarily abandoned THE 19th WIFE this week, even though I’m supposed to be finished it by tomorrow for a face to face discussion. I guess I will get back to reading it but my sense of urgency has disappeared. Other books had more appeal.

  4. I’m waiting on ‘Gypsy Morph’ from the library, so I’m sorry you’re not finding it very exciting. Some Brooks I love and other I find very un-engaging. The first two in this series were excellent. I hope this isn’t going to let the side down.

  5. I don’t know how you keep doing it. If a book doesn’t hold my attentiion, I’m afraid I have to dump it.

    Good luck to you. You deserve to expand your following.


  6. I couldn’t read for two months….July and August. I started a lot of books but could finished only a few.

    However, in September I read 30 short stories…Thanks to C B James. That kind of opened up the gates. Now I am back to reading.

    My advise, just don’t force it. It will come on its own. Meanwhile, explore other avenues. I watched a lot of movies.

    Here is my SS/WG #25 post

    Another SS post

  7. I remember my loss of sleep with newborn babies. It affected my outlook, but with a hospice patient it must be much worse — similar care, but at the end of a life instead of the beginning.

    Hope you find a good book soon — and if you read ‘That Hideous Strength,’ I’ll be curious to hear your take on it.

  8. If I don’t like a book or if it is just so-so, I give up on it and find something I like more. Too many good books out there to spend time on the mediocre….at least, that’s how I see it.

  9. Thank you so much for volunteering at Hospice. It’s such a worthy organization, but a task that is too difficult for most of us to face.