Update on book giveaway and blogging in general

In an October 20th post, I celebrated my 200th post and over 12,000 views by announcing a giveaway to those who commented first and the most on my blog. Since then, I have heard back from 11 of the 14 individuals selected.

Here is a list of the books and to whom they are scheduled to go:

  1. The Absolutely True Diary of A Part Indian to Rebecca @ Adventures in Reading
  2. Sailing Alone Around the Room to Jessica @ The Bluestocking Society
  3. Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders to Gautami @ Reading Room
  4. The Outsiders to Trish @ Trish’s Reading Nook
  5. Harry Potter 1 to Ann Darnton @ Table Talk
  6. Black Boy to Heather @ Book Addiction
  7. Left To Tell to Lezlie @ Books ‘N Border Collies
  8. Johnny Tremain to John @ The Book Mine Set
  9. Sister Pelagia and the White Bulldog to Beastmomma
  10. Slaughterhouse-Five to Swimanog
  11. Neverwhere to Aaron @ That’s The Book.

I still have not heard back from “lightheaded” @ everyday reads, about which book she would like. Here are the choices left:

  1. 180 More: Extraordinary Poems For Every Day, edited by Billy Collins 10/10
  2. Look Homeward, Angel by Thomas Wolfe 10/10
  3. The Giver by Lois Lowry 5/5

Please let me know, lightheaded. The other two will be thrown up to a general drawing later since I never heard back from two of the others originally scheduled to “win” a book.

Because of family financial constraints (I work two part-time jobs and have no insurance and my wife has a job which recently was cut from 40 hours to 35 hours), I will not be able to send the books until after Christmas. I apologize for being so exuberant in wanting to celebrate my 200th post that I may have went a little overboard. However, really I just wanted to pass along the generosity so many others have shown to me (and so many other book bloggers) with their giveaways.

To name a few, I have won a book on writing poetry from Jessica from the aforementioned The Bluestocking Society, a movie from her brother, Blake from Bitchin’ Film Reviews, a gift tin of pecans from Maggie from Maggie Reads and books from both Marie from The Boston Bibliophile and The Literate Housewife. I know that I didn’t need to do anything, but I wanted to do something because I truly enjoy reading so many of you with “book blogs” out there, who like me are doing this just for the love of books.

As I wrote to all of you who won a  book in a personal e-mail not too long ago, I hope you will accept my apologies, but you will get your book — eventually 🙂


On a note to everyone else, I want to apologize for not being around here as much as I should be. I’ve been working at the two part-time jobs, plus volunteering at a hospice, and moving one of my blogs to a new address @ Unfinished Rambler. Stop by and hopefully have a laugh (or at least, the hope is that you will smile a little after reading the posts there).

10 responses to “Update on book giveaway and blogging in general

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  6. No problem! I’m happy to receive it whenever it gets here. 🙂


  7. Hello there! I actually thought you would be emailing us after the five picked through the selection first. Sorry if it appears I kept you hanging.

    As for my chosen book, the 180 More: Poems for Everyday sounds intriguing. I’d be happy to get it.

  8. Thanks for the shout out!

    I’m horrible about blogging during the school semesters, and usually lose all the friends I make during the summer. It is nice to be remembered even though I haven’t visited lately. Try not to work too hard.

  9. Hey, thats perfectly alright! You don’t have to explain anything.

    I will heck out your other blog.