WTF (Mostly) Wordless Wednesday #4: The band Santana with white guy on lead vocals?

Without even clicking on the video, just look at the picture and think Santana. Funky, Latin grooves Santana. Talk about cognitive dissonance amongst yourselves.

I never realized that that song was by Santana until I saw it this morning listening to it on XM and it said it was by Santana. I thought the display on my radio must have gone wonky, but when I Googled the song, lo and behold, I came up with this video.

The singer is

— and even though Sassy from Sassy Bitch Society warned me in comments to a recent post where I included mucho links: “I’m one of those people thats going to have to click on everything you listed now just to see what’s what. Don’t do this to me again. Sheesh.”, I’m going to do it to her and y’all again (but hopefully it will be good to your earhole and if you want to, click on her link too although I’ll warn her she’s “not the nicest person you’ll ever meet” as she says on her profile ;)–

Alexander Ligertwood or Alex Ligertwood as he prefers to be called these days.

The song was written by Russ Ballard, whom I have written about previously. He wrote God Gave Rock and Roll To You, among other songs. Talk about six degrees of separation amongst yourselves too. Russ Ballard is the musical equivalent of Kevin Bacon, I’m learning.

Personally, I guess I’m a little bit prejudiced, but I prefer my Santana with a little bit of color like this:

or going way back without any vocals and just letting us hear that sound of that sweet guitar and all the other funky instruments, oh, yeah:


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