Time for new digs for O, W and me

Just as that one is getting ready to move into new digs

Click on picture for a much cooler video than this cartoon.

where he is replacing this one who is moving to be immortalized elsewhere…

…uh, yeah, right (talk about a knee-slapper)…so am I announcing my moving to new digs.

As of earlier this week, I’ve moved my blog to http://unfinishedrambler.blogspot.com. I will be updating my Feedburner feed later in the week for all one, two, three, four or five who follow me, but in the meantime, I’ll be posting in both places.


Yes you can!


I know you thought all the voting was over, but it’s never over at Humor-Blogs.com

One response to “Time for new digs for O, W and me

  1. Woo! I can dig it. That was an awesome video, by the way.