Flashback Friday: Sympathy for the Devil's Music

This morning, as I was waking up, suddenly I was inspired– or actually maybe uninspired, since the meaning of inspiration refers to the divine. It doesn’t happen often: being inspired on my own. Usually, as I mentioned yesterday, I steal from other people, but this morning I actually came up with this one on my own.

So for today’s Flashback Friday, in honor of Halloween, I bring you the Devil himself (notice, no capitalization on “himself,” for Christians, that’s reserved for God Himself, but Devil, that’s okay to be capitalized) and his music.

I grew up in what many would consider a fundamentalist Christian home, meaning that I listened to Christian rock music (which I know might seem like an oxymoron to some of you, especially those of you who are fundamentalist Christians) and wasn’t allowed to listen to the “devil’s music.”

Now to country and western (not this new-fangled country mix of country, pop– no western– and rock), I was allowed to listen. Ironically, that is where I believe I was first exposed to the Devil– at least, directly, in the lyrics (my mom probably thought I and the rest of the country were exposed to him– notice, lower case “h”– through this seemingly innocuous but deceptively evil singer with his inviting lyrics):

Later in elementary school, a friend who lived in New Hampshire, the vortex of all that is evil (or so I’ve heard, well, very close at least in almost pure– talk about oxymoron– unadulterated evil percentage-wise to Delaware [1])), introduced me to this band:

and we all know what those letters mean:

Kids (how I first heard it) or Knights

Never mind, that they weren’t kids, but I guess is that they were trying to spawn a nation of kids for Satan’s service. But I mean, really, look at that guy in that video (above) spewing blood. I mean, that is what their name had to mean, right? Wrong. Nevertheless, I even heard that Gene Simmons killed a puppy with his steel-heeled boots at a concert in Jersey– and since have learned that there were rumors he had a cow’s tongue grafted onto his own.

Later, of course, I learned that they couldn’t be that bad because after all, they sang about God and heaven!

In high school (notice, it was school where I was schooled in the ways of the Evil One), I was well on my way on the…

Hell’s Bells! If there ever was a personification of evil in the form of one band– let alone Angus Young with the seizures he’s experienced on stage, this was it. I mean, you could even call them at 36 24 36 hey to perform your dirty deeds.

Finally, in college, I came full circle musically when I went real old school and went back to the year of my birth when Evil reared its ugly head at a place called Altamont:

Post-college, I just became a devil without a cause

…and, like the rest of the World (capital W), since have been seeking out my own Personal Jesus.


[1] I think this alone shows that our country wasn’t founded by God, as some claim, with Delaware being the First State. I know my wife would agree.

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7 responses to “Flashback Friday: Sympathy for the Devil's Music

  1. I don’t generally like country music, but I like Charley Daniels (and particularily The Devil went Down to Georgia). I even went to visit his museum while in Nashville a while back.
    Alice Cooper was my idol when I was in high school – nobody does a better show. Alice has been a Christian for several years now, by the way, so I guess he’s not officially “devil’s music” anymore.
    I always prefered the Beatles over the Stones. But, that said, the Stones did rock (until they turned 50).

  2. wow kids in satan’s service, that’s going way back. I remember hearing that one as a kid.

    NH IS evil. That is why I live there. Hey at least we aren’t Maine.

  3. And some of that I had to listen to since I grew up with you. Glad you saved some of the better stuff, a.k.a. the non-Devil music, for later when we were around each other more. Or when I wasn’t playing with Barbies while you listened to your evil music. I mainly blame you for corrupting me. Hubby is blamed for the rest. The swearing is from him, the interest in Devil music is from you. Thanks a lot.

  4. unfinishedrambler

    Meg: On CDB: Amen. On KISS: Kitschy horror. On Mick: Hmmm. Gift from God? But yes, tragic, agreed. Kenny G is definitely the devil’s music. I was at one of his concerts. I know.

    Jenn: Ozzy: I actually just bought Blizzard of Ozz last week, but I’ll be honest, I was a latecomer to him and Black Sabbath, though I love them both (especially early Ozzy). Alice Cooper: Loved him in Wayne’s World and his dissertation on Milwaukee. 🙂 But growing up, I can’t say he really was one of my favorites.

  5. What about Ozzy Ozbourne, the bat-head-chewer-offer, and good ol’ Alice Cooper who is able to be scary and play golf simultaneously?

  6. p.s. I personally think Kenny G is more of the devil’s music.

  7. On the Charlie Daniels Band – No one who can play a fiddle like that could ever be associated with anything but the devine.

    On Kiss – They seem more horror than devil. And horror makes for all the great literature.

    On Mick – Truly a gift from God. But what happened at that concert, tragic.

    On Himself – Doesn’t The Wife refer to you as that?