WTF (Mostly) Wordless Wednesday #3: SNOW!?!?

Okay, I know it’s just a little snow where you can even see grass and nothing like what my wife experienced in her trip yesterday around Pennsylvania AND New York states. But hey, at least, I had my own photo and didn’t just Google it. It was taken this morning right outside my window where is it any wonder our neighbor has his house for sale? I don’t blame him for wanting to get the f**** (that stands for “freak”, Mom and Dad, in case you’re wondering, notice the extra asterik, just like the “f” above in “WTF” stands for What The Fahrvenugen) out of Dodge with snow already and it’s not even Thanksgiving.

What can I say? I’m a weather wuss. I saw a group of cross country runners from the local college out running in shorts today and all I could think, it was too ball shrinking cold to be out there. Even if it is above freezing.

Oh, that definition at Dallas has got nothing on northcentral Pennsylvania. Of course, if you live in Canada, you can go ahead and put your mocks of me in the comments. I just asked for it by putting up the picture above, with grass still visible, didn’t I?


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5 responses to “WTF (Mostly) Wordless Wednesday #3: SNOW!?!?

  1. Go back to the flat lands you big wuss!

  2. Looks like a MN scene there. Oh well, here we go again!

  3. I left Central New York (the Finger Lakes region) for good on November 11, 1991, in the midst of the first snow of the year – and THAT was early. The end of October is CRAZY early.

    I don’t live up north any more for some very good reasons.

  4. snow? does that mean we can start using hairspray and freon again?

  5. Ball Shrinking Cold-reminds me every time of the Seinfeld episode of George walking out of the shower and explaining it to the girl he was interested in.