Meandering Monday on Tuesday again: A real hodgepodge of stuff

Wouldn’t you know it that my computer would crash yesterday of all days? So here I am doing my Meandering Monday on Tuesday again.

So even more of a hodge podge than last week, and really off the top of my head.


Today snow is expected where I live in northcentral Pennsylvania and my wife already has reported driving in it to our north in New York State. It’s not even November and snow already. Excuse my language, but sonovabitch, I’m not ready for this.

Of course, who chose to live here? Yep, that’s right. Mwah.


About the computer crash: Ignoring what other people like this guy have said, we haven’t backed up our computer in like…um, ever.

I know. I know. It’s these little things though that we don’t have:

So now we’re going to be paying those little things in possibly hundreds of duplicates.

Oh, I’m typing this in from the computer at the library, which I must say, and again, excuse my language, is a lot more bitchin’ than anything I could ever buy. The flatscreen monitor is DA bomb. I gotta get me one of these things and with the anti-glare protector that they have over most of them (of course, now that I say that I notice except at this one — which is placed right in the line of sight as people enter the computer section so they can see me writing this and are probably thinking, “Doesn’t that guy have more important things to do?” “Um, yes for your information, I do. I just can’t do it right now because my computer is dead so I’m here frittering away my time on the public computer. So there. Phffffbbbbbt!” Or however you spell that).


So without getting too political, what’s up with all this wacky political news lately, especially these two items:

  1. The McCain campaign worker who faked getting up by an overzealous Obama supporter
  2. and then the white supremacists plotting to kill Obama.

Crazy people everywhere.

Then Sen. Ted Steven from Gov. Palin’s favorite state being convicted on (say it isn’t so) corruption charges

…it’s not a good time to be a Republican.

I don’t think anyone is singing “I’m Proud To Be A Republican” to the tune of the Lee Greenwood song “God Bless the USA” (which I’m sorry always makes me want to retch, not because I’m not a patriot, but because I think the equating of God and country is revolting) right now.

I think of the great Republicans:

For those of you who may not know him by photo, that’s Herbert Hoover, to whom Sen. McCain has compared Obama— and I might say, ironically, considering Mr. Hoover was…ahem…a Republican.

Of course, I’m trying not to get too political here.


If you’re really sick of all this political talk and just want a laugh, why not click where I’m sure you’ll find no political talk whatsoever in the next week. 😉

One response to “Meandering Monday on Tuesday again: A real hodgepodge of stuff

  1. I wondered if you were up to your necks in snow out there. We’ve had a few flurries but nothing amounting to anything. Thankfully.

    Why do we live in Pennsylvania again? WHY???