7 things you may not know about Just A (Reading) Fool

I’ve been tagged by Trixie at Reading and Writing About It for a meme where I’m supposed to write seven things about myself, and then link back to her and tag seven more people.

This seems appropriate as I just celebrated my 200th post and over 12,000 views here. It probably is about time some of you got to know me.

  1. Unlike Trixie, I have lived in Pennsylvania my whole life, with no exceptions, because contrary to what she thinks Delaware definitely is not a suburb of Philadelphia. 😉 I now live in northcentral Pennsylvania.
  2. I work part-time as a correspondent for a daily newspaper and part-time at an independent bookstore. However, I am working with a career counselor at my college alma mater to determine my next “course of action” after having worked in newspapers (mostly as a newspaper editor) for more than a decade and becoming increasingly sick of it.
  3. The rest of the time, I blog (ask my wife– notice, the lack of emoticon here) at this blog or one of my four other blogs: an unfinished person (in this unfinished universe), just a (running) fool, Journeying with the Saints and unfinished rambling(s).
  4. I am running in a marathon called God’s Country Marathon on June 6, 2009, three days before my 40th birthday.
  5. I am Catholic and am a candidate to be a Benedictine oblate at Mount Saviour Monastery. What is an oblate. See a post I put up on one of my other blogs here that might help you answer the question.
  6. The picture in my header was taken near Old Orchard Beach, Maine when my wife and I were on vacation in August 2004.
  7. My real name is a closely-guarded secret and while I’d like to reveal it to you, if I did, I or agents for the organization for whom I work (more likely since I usually just like giving orders) might have to kill you. 😉

Also while I usually don’t tag others with meme, in this case, I’ll make an exception and since I just celebrated my 200th post, I’m going to tag seven of my first and top commenters:

  1. Bookchronicle @ Adventures in Reading, who was the first commenter here on this blog.
  2. John Mutford @ The Book Mine Set, who among my first 10 commenters.
  3. Aaron @ That’s The Book, also my first 10 commenters.
  4. Trish @ Trish’s Reading Nook, one of the top commenters number-wise.
  5. Ann Darnton @ Table Talk, another one of the top commenters number-wise.
  6. Beastmomma, whose onscreen name seems as ambiguous as my own unfinishedperson moniker.
  7. Gautami Tripathy @ Reading Room, just because I have a feeling she’d like this kind of thing and I’ve been tagged by her a few times.

If you don’t respond, I may have to send one of those agents about which I was talking earlier to pay you a visit.

6 responses to “7 things you may not know about Just A (Reading) Fool

  1. Nothing is closely guarded secret about me. Other than my private life! I keep it that way in the blog world.


  2. I’m quite the opposite, revealing my name but offering very little in the way of other details. On that note, I can’t share 7 unknown things about me. But I’ll give you 1: Even before I was born my parents had a Saturday night tradition of Shake-N-Bake chicken wings, french fries and rice. Now, as as adult, I carry on that tradition. It’s not exactly gourmet, but I long for Saturdays.

  3. I agree with you on number six; my “real name” is a closely guarded secret. I will let you know when I post my response.

  4. Very nice! Thanks for responding to my tag!
    And I am reading God of Small Things – I’m just getting into it, and I’m really intrigued at the introductory couple of chapters. Wow.
    I have some work work to do, then I’m hoping to get back to it tonight. I haven’t even checked to see if anyone is discussing it yet, but I’ll be there soonish (few days probably).

  5. Wow! I can’t imagine what it would be like to live in the same state my whole life. The longest I’ve lived in one place is 12 years and the shortest is 3 months.