Saturday’s Me and You 10/18/08

I’m getting to this week’s review of my week and your week in blogging a little bit late. I hope y’all will forgive me, but I was working at the bookstore earlier today and I haven’t gotten back on my blogging schedule. So without further, adieu, first, my week in blogging and then a look back at those blog posts of yours that caught my eyes:


@ an unfinished person (in an unfinished universe)

Just A (Reading) Fool

In addition to the two posts already mentioned, I only had really one post this week and that was participating in Friday Finds, in which I highlighted two books, one on Dr. Who, the other on Superman.

unfinished rambling(s)

In addition to the Meandering Monday post and the meme to which I responded mentioned above, I had three other posts on this blog:

I also posted on Humor Bloggers Fantasy Football League Blog for a feature I’ve been doing sporadically called Tuesday Morning Quarterback. This past Tuesday’s post was called Payback for being a douchebag in honor of my losing to another team and how I said at the beginning of the season I wouldn’t be one  (yet still was, so lost).


In addition to posts by many of my favorite bloggers that I’ve already mentioned above, here are a few others that caught my eyes:

I’d like to share more, but I’m up against the clock and don’t feel like backdating this puppy. So there you go…hopefully, you’ll enjoy a few of the links.

2 responses to “Saturday’s Me and You 10/18/08

  1. it’s good to get love on a saturday. glad you liked the contest; just sad neither of us won!

  2. Thanks for the mention. I enjoy reading about your week.
    Kenny G? I love my wife (and have for more than a quarter of a century), but – as Meatloaf would say – “I won’t do that.”