…These are a few of my (favorite?) quirks

Don @ Don’s Stuff tagged me to list my quirks and addictions last week, and I’m only getting to it now. I’ve already blogged about a few of my addictions ad nauseam: Scripto Giga pens, Ken’s Chipotle Ranch.

But my quirks (which for some reason always reminds me of the tic that Diane on Cheers had– and um, I don’t have anything that weird, FYI): I haven’t blogged much about them. Some of course you may already know (like my overuse of parentheses). Others, though, should be new to you because I don’t think I’ve mentioned them (yet) on any of my umpteen blogs.

So without further adieu, a few of my quirks (and at least one of my wife’s too):

  1. When I’m in the car, I have to my shoes tied tight. I don’t know why. I just do. If I feel my laces loosening, I immediately pull over (except if I’m in a tunnel, which, ooooh, my wife hates tunnels– that’s one of her quirks, and she hates clowns) and tie them up tight. Maybe it’s that I feel like I’m losing control otherwise.
  2. When I’m in the shower, I put the washcloth on the shower curtain rod until I’m ready for it. I don’t want it wet until it needs to be wet– not a moment sooner! I wash my hair first and then– and only then– I reach for the washcloth above me. Again, I don’t know why, but my wife pointed this out as I went with her to work yesterday morning since I needed the car…which brings me to:
  3. I’m a terrible backseat/passenger seat driver, or so says my wife. According to her, I obsess about everything and it drives her, she says, batsh** crazy (which personally I don’t like bats…when I was young, our family went to a small church with a belfry and at night….ooooh, I hated them swooping down at me, which is why I hate barn swallows too…whenever I mowed the lawn at my grandmother’s, they’d swoop down at my head…it was like a scene out of The Birds, except with just three or four birds, but stillooooh, I hated that movie). Of course, right before she mentioned this as she was driving, I had just told her she wasn’t going fast enough up a hill for me.
  4. Okay, this one isn’t mine, but is one of my wife’s that I noticed yesterday morning. “Organic radio programming”: Now what might you ask is that? Well, when I tried to find the stations (about four or five we have in our neck of the woods…where we use terms like “neck of the woods”) by her presets and thinking they probably would be in order by numbers: 88.5, 94.7, et cetera, I learned that no, she doesn’t have them set up like that. When I asked her how she arranges her presets, she said it was “organic radio programming I don’t know them by their call numbers, but by position. It’s like playing a violin.” Ummmm…okay, hon.

So there you have it, a few of my (favorite?) quirks– and a couple of my wife’s.

We now return to our regular programming…where I don’t normally use the word “ooooh,” except when thinking about Sarah Palin…and I hasten to add (before your dirty mind goes somewhere it shouldn’t) I mean “ooooh” in this context: “Ooooh, I despise that woman [said with an appropriately clenched face and fist]!”


I tag all of the bloggers at Humor-Blogs.com, if you haven’t already participated in this…and even if you have, because despite what this guy says, don’t we need more meme tags in the world? I really don’t think there’s enough, do you? 😉 <— EMOTICON: The universal sign of joking. Please note for those of you who take this thing waaaay too seriously. If it wasn’t for Humor-Blogs.com, I wouldn’t have met half of you.

5 responses to “…These are a few of my (favorite?) quirks

  1. Jenn: I know. I know. But I’m weird like that.

    Kathy: I think it’s “All WE Mensa members…” 😉

    Pretty Bride: Thanks for stopping by. So Muskrat lets you out to look at other people’s blog while he’s away, huh? 😉 And thank you for vindication on the washcloth thing.

    Jeff: And thank you for vindication on the organic what? I agree. It must be a male-female thing from what I’m seeing here. Numeric order, definitely.

  2. Organic what? Even with your explanation I still don’t understand what she means by “position.” Putting them in numeric order is the only option.

  3. I totally do that organic radio programming thing.

    I also do the washcloth thing, except now we have a stall shower with no towel bar and I get all confused when I get to that point in my routine.

    You need your shoes tied tightly in tunnels in case it unexpectedly fills with water and you are forced to run. (Hey, makes as much sense as the washcloth thing.)

  4. I totally get the organic radio programming thing. All us Mensa members do that.

    I totally don’t get your washcloth thing.

    Oh, and I bet your wife would hate clowns in tunnels. Think about it.

  5. Are you concerned that the washcloth will get… TOO wet… in the shower? Because, ya know, by getting wet, it is fullfilling it’s purpose. It’s hired for this sort of thing. It expects it. It won’t blame you or anything.

    PS- Your wife is right. Clowns are scary.