Reg lets go with a snot rocket

A friend of mine from Canada recently shared this run with her husband with me:

Skip to 1:50 and play to 2:20 for the best stuff.

I just felt like I had to share, because it was too funny.

Um, as a (n once-in-a-while — lately) runner, I’ve never done anything like that! (Yeah, right, and I’ve never spit a loogey either in a race and accidentally hit somebody behind me either.)

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3 responses to “Reg lets go with a snot rocket

  1. I agree. Go visit your crazy parents.

    Just leave your lovely sister out of it.

    Poor girl. You’re so mean to her!

    What? No…it’s not me! Someone must have gotten my–er… her name and used it here.

  2. The snot rocket part was truly hilarious.

  3. Now a snot rocket? Dude, go visit your crazy parents. They’re always good for a laugh!