The First Official Meandering Monday: From eyes and ears to poor Twitter grades and leaf peepers

I’ve already been doing this theme, Meandering Monday, on my main blog with post from the previous week from this blog every Monday. But now I’m making it an official theme here each week, in the tradition of Sock Drawer at Mattress Police and Sandwich Fixins at The Magick Sandwich and all the other random thought posts from other random thought posters.

Plus it’ll guarantee you faithful reader(s) will see at least one new post from me per week.

So without further adieu, I bring you:

The First Official Meandering Monday

I started out this morning not feeling funny, but took a notebook with me as I ran errands to town in case the hilarity broke out so I wouldn’t miss a moment of it. As you’ll see, some loarity broke out instead.


One of the errands I had to run this morning was to get the temples of my eyeglasses tightened. Every once in a while, they go loose and don’t curl around my ears like they are supposed to curl. So I’ll be in the middle of helping a customer at the bookstore and they’ll just fall off or start to fall off– and I probably seem like I’m one of those special needs people.

Not that there’s anything wrong with special needs people. After all, they sell the good hot dogs, Nathan’s, at a hot dog cart they run near the bookstore  (I’m not kidding or making fun here; it’s true).

And I know what you’re thinking, “Well, technically, there is something wrong with special needs people.”,  but you know there’s something wrong with all of us in one way or another, so shut up! Wrong with me: telling my reader(s) to shut up in the middle of a post; great way to get you to (un)subscribe.

So anyway after getting the temples of my glasses tightened so they fit snug around my ears…


My wife says my ears aren’t even, that one is different than the other. What do you think?

Are they?


I didn’t ask you to say anything about I need a shave or an ear hair trimmer either. Hey, I don’t have Photoshop like some of you, like Jinksy @ Extremely Funny or something. So shut up! (See I told you that’s what wrong with me, well, at least, one of the things besides having ears that don’t match.)


…and after getting my lenses cleaned, as I walked out of the optician’s, I felt funny, as in lightheaded.

So after I went to the bookstore and meandered around there for an hour or so (on my day off even), then to the library, I got a hot dog with my favorite sandwich fixins (no link this time, one link per post 😉 see above): sauerkraut and Gulden’s mustard. Now I feel unfunny again — as you no doubt can tell.


Thanks to a company called Twitter Grader, you can find out what your Twitter grade is. I have a couple of Twitter accounts — on one, I received a 26 out of 100; the other, a 33 out of 100. I feel like I’m back in calculus my senior year in high school. Thanks. I checked Dooce’s (no link, she gets enough traffic) and she got a 99.9. I think she started the company that does the grading.


This time of year our town is full of leaf peepers or leafers. Either way, it doesn’t sound like something very nice– and besides driving some traffic to the store where I work, so hey I can’t completely complain– it can be very not nice for those of us who are townies. Ignorant New Yorkers, Canucks (stupid Frenchies) and flatlanders flood our hotels and trump the ignorance that already is here the rest of the year– which is saying a lot when you consider the ignorance already exhibited here:

Ducted Tape Tree2

Um, yeah, that's duct tape to cover a hole in a tree.


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8 responses to “The First Official Meandering Monday: From eyes and ears to poor Twitter grades and leaf peepers

  1. I pointed out to him that the picture makes it look like one of his ears is freakishly smaller than the other, but its a perspective thing. They are the same SIZE, they are just a completely different SHAPE. One has a flat place on the backside that the other one doesn’t. Its hard to see in the picture, but real obvious in person.

    Other than that, they both work, I guess that’s all that matters! (I think they work, sometimes when I’m talking they don’t, but that isn’t a physiological problem, probably.)

    Hon, I think you can stop taking pictures of your bits now.

  2. Why did God invent ear hair? I take issue with most body hair…and have a ton.

  3. When, oh, when did you get so much hair in your ears? Duuude! You.are.old.

    I don’t get it…the ears…they look like ears to me. I think the wife needs … well, therapy.

    And I understand why you didn’t feel funny yesterday…what a dull day for you! Poor baby!

  4. unfinishedrambler

    Jinksy: I just have a cheap imitation, something called Paint. How lame is that? Couldn’t even think up a better name? Paint?

    Meg: Oh, I use enough links, don’t you think? I go link-crazy all the time.

    Muskrat: Nope, but as my wife would say “You’re funny. Har, har.” 😉

    Jeff: While I didn’t Photoshop, I took the first photo at a different angle, where you could see right in the earhole. Ewww. If I had taken the other one from the same angle, you would have seen I really needed ear hair trimmer– and I’m not even 40 yet! Gross.

  5. I dunno, they look like they come from the same head to me. Although the left one does look a bit hairier than the right.

    Sorry, but you asked if they were different, and in that case they are 😉

  6. damn, what’s wrong with your ears? is your maiden name nemoy?

  7. I was just getting over your man-boobs, and now the ears. I think that deserves a link or something.

  8. I’m glad someone appreciates my Photoshop skills. I’ve been getting lame comments posted by people who are easily offended by Photoshop or anything that could be perceived as funny.

    BTW, before I ramble anymore, excellent post.