The Sunday Salon: Banned Books Week Edition Redux

The Sunday Salon.comMy goal as I mentioned last Sunday Salon was to read a book per day for a Personal Banned Books Week Challenge in honor of Banned Books Week, sponsored by the American Library Association among others, which was from last Saturday to this Saturday. I read six, five of which I have reviewed thus far. These are the books and the days on which I read them (not necessarily reviewed):

Also I wrote this book-related post, although not a review, on one of my other blogs, which you may (or may not) find amusing:

In addition to Saturday’s through Tuesday’s books mentioned, I also read in September the following:

for a “grand” total of nine books for the month of September.

I could provide you many more links, but if you’re really in need of more (not just of me, though, but also some of my favorite reads from some of your blogs from throughout the week), check out my wrap up post: Saturday’s Me and You 10/4, which includes some who did their own special posts for Banned Books Week.

(I neglected to include any links to Rebecca @ The Book Lady’s Blog, who reviewed eight books throughout the week. Her last one was Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, with links to her others found at the bottom of her post, and links to Jenn @ Devourer of Books also found there. Sorry, ladies, I didn’t mean to exclude you in my links.)

Okay, one more last one, in case you don’t get there, for all you book bloggers: The Book Bloggers Appreciation Week Directory is up and running.

Oh, and what am I reading today? To get back on the topic and point of The Sunday Salon here. Well, besides still catching up on your blogs and now even more with Sunday Salon posts, I’ll be starting The Story of A Soul: The Autobiography of Saint Therese of Lisieux.

3 responses to “The Sunday Salon: Banned Books Week Edition Redux

  1. Wow, five banned books in a week! Impressive! I was thrilled just to finally finish East of Eden, which took me over two weeks, during Banned Books Week. 🙂

  2. I wondered how you had got on with your banned books project. Well done in meeting your target.

  3. I enjoyed reading your reviews of The Giver and The Outsiders. They are both great books. I especially like The Giver.