Friday Finds: Found at the bookstore where I work

My two Friday Finds for this week both come from the bookstore where I work.

The first one is I Know What You Did Last Summer by Lois Duncan, which one of the owners of the store tells me is better than the movie (which I don’t find hard to believe). I admit I didn’t see the movie, but I only can imagine the book by young adult author Lois Duncan would be better than it. I actually bought a copy to read and then see the movie (to laugh/perhaps at both, we’ll see).

The second one is In God’s Crosshairs: A Daily Devotional For Hunters by Bob Green. Don’t believe that it’s real based on the title? Check out a post I put up about it here.

2 responses to “Friday Finds: Found at the bookstore where I work

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  2. I love the daily devotional for hunters!!! That is awesome 🙂 I mean, hunters need daily devotions too, right?! awesome.