Shiny, happy rural people clinging to religion and guns

Most of the time I steer clear of politics on my blogs because I’m sensitive to people’s feelings scared of government reprisals, but the other day something happened in my non-blogging life (as if there is such a thing) that I felt compelled to use as blog fodder.

In my real life, I work part-time as a correspondent for a newspaper reporter. Last Friday, I was asked to cover the ribbon-cutting of the John McCain/Sarah Palin county campaign headquarters. Just because I am a Democrat and believe if McCain/Palin wins, the world will end Jan. 20, 2009 doesn’t mean that I can’t put aside my beliefs for a little money. So I went.

During the event, the chairman of the county campaign, said the following:

We are NOT BITTER rural people clinging to our religion and our guns.

Of course, he was referring to Obama’s infamous speech (paragraph four, last sentence).

But what got to me was a statement that the chairman said not even five minutes later:

I see we have some of our friends from the NRA here. GLAD to see you [emphasis mine] here…

and he waved to them with a big grin. So immediately what I thought was this:

We are SHINY HAPPY rural people clinging to our religion and our guns.

and this image came to mind (after a little searching on Google, of course):

As if that would make it all better, being SHINY HAPPY rural people, clinging to religion and guns– instead of bitter rural people.

At least, when we go out, to a far much better place where there’ll be only (shiny) happy tears, at least we’ll go out with smiles on our faces.

Visit where you’ll always go out with a smile on your face with shiny, happy people from across the political spectrum.

Also today I did switch over This Week’s Funny Find on my sidebar. This week, I’ll be highlighting PlainOleMike. I haven’t read a lot yet there, but what I have is, of course, funny– otherwise, why the hey would I feature him?

8 responses to “Shiny, happy rural people clinging to religion and guns

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  2. Jenn: It is, isn’t it?

    Pacer: Okay, I did visit your blog briefly. Not a total nut. 😉 Are you really 13?

    Kevin: I agree. Knives are much better than guns.

    Doug: You are confused. I was singing it in my head…and only changed the reference to GLAD to “shiny happy” at the request of wife who thought people might think I’m connecting this with the GLAAD folks.

    Muskrat: Hey, I’m not telling you how to (or not to) vote in this post. I just calls ’em like I see ’em….as for the “cold dead hands,” I didn’t see anywhere in the picture him referring to them. If you see that there, then you must be seeing something that I’m not seeing….and like you don’t offend people? 😉

  3. i usually don’t like seeing humor bloggers trying to tell me how to (or not to) vote, but this is a funny story. isn’t mr heston dead now, though? so, like, is putting a picture of him referring to his “cold dead hands” in bad taste? yes. yes it is.

  4. So now I’m really confused. At this event, were they singing “Shiny Happy People” by R.E.M., or some song by Guns ‘N’ Roses?

  5. I think I prefer Sparkly Happy Rural People…

    Very Sparkly…

  6. Kevin Coolidge

    I’m from rural PA, and of course we don’t all cling to relgion and guns. I like knives, cause ya don’t have to reload ’em and if you cling to a gun too tightly you ain’t gonna hit what you are aiming at. It’s obvious that Obama isn’t much of a hunter.

  7. *snicker* Attitude is everything, they say. 🙂