The Sunday Salon: The Banned Books Week edition

The Sunday For today’s Sunday Salon, I’m diving into the second book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling, in my Personal Banned Books Week Challenge: A book a day (click on link to see the other seven) in honor of Banned Books Week. The week began yesterday, Saturday, Sept. 27, and lasts through this coming Saturday, Oct. 4. The first book was Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut, with a brief review to follow later today.

The reason I selected Harry Potter for a Sunday was in special honor of St. Joseph School in Wakefield, Mass. which removed the book from its library in 2007 because the themes of witchcraft and sorcery were inappropriate for a Catholic school. As a Catholic myself, I thought it was important to say, and this is not the erudite response for which you may have been hoping, but it’s what I came up with: “Hogwash!”

I thought I had read this first Harry Potter, but I’m now thinking I didn’t because I’m just blown away by it and I’m not even 50 pages into it. Even though, of course, I’ve seen many of the movies, including the first one, already I’m loving the book more than the movie, especially in Rowling’s portrayal of the Dursleys, of number four, Privet Drive — which is so much more nuanced, shall we say? I believe we shall, because it sounds like a highfalutin word (of course, sinking my use of the word nuanced with the use of the word highfalutin).

Other book bloggers, many of them also Sunday Saloners, whom I’ve noticed so far that have been highlighting Banned Books Week include :

If you’ve done a post about Banned Books Week and I’ve missed you, provide your link here or at my first post about Banned Books Weeks (see link at top). I’d like to see what you have planned too.

I’ll be back later today to give my thoughts on the Harry Potter book and a few links that a friend of mine from South Korea shared on the financial crisis with me– in case you’re interested in some heavy reading after this light fluff.

8 responses to “The Sunday Salon: The Banned Books Week edition

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  2. Thanks for the link love! Glad you are enjoying Harry Potter.

  3. I’m missing something …. What is banned book week?

  4. Wow, thanks for all those links – I’m looking forward to checking them out!

    I’ve posted a sampling of banned Women Writers here. I’m asking readers who have reviewed any of these books to leave me a link to their reviews so I can include it on the post.

    And also I’ve posted about Women Writers in Peril which highlights some of the winners of Hellman/Hammett grants in 2007.

  5. Thanks for the cross-post! I look forward to reading your reviews this week.

    Jill @ The Magic Lasso

  6. Welcome to the world of Harry Potter! Isn’t the book just a ton of fun? I held off on reading it for ages because I thought it was going to be drivel, but it just blew me out of the water.

  7. Hello, I, too, would like to thank you for the mention! I look forward to browsing around and seeing the great stuff here!

  8. Thanks for mentioning me. 🙂 If you couldn’t tell, that’s a topic I’m quite passionate about.

    I’ll be blogging like crazy this week, trying to post all my updates from the book festival … I’m exhausted just THINKING about it all.