Infatuation hurts, wounds, scars, marks

On one of my other blogs, I was remembering MOR earworms of the 70s and 80s, and it got me thinking about mostly memorable infatuations I have had in the past.

Infatuation No. 1: Debbie (the names have been changed — only somewhat in one case– to protect, well, me): From the moment she walked in the door in second grade, I was enthralled.

Never mind she that she was buck-toothed or had braces. She was…NEW. That’s all I needed to know. All the other girls in my class were “old hat.”

Later, she was the girl with whom I had my first kiss– in the barn. Not as unromantic as it sounds. It wasn’t where the cows were, but above them in the hay mow.

Infatuation No. 2: Kelly: Like Woody in Cheers, I couldn’t stop singing her praises.

I grew up in a small rural school district. In sixth grade, classes from our four elementary schools (grades 1 through 6) joined together for a trip to Washington, D.C. It was here that I first saw her, blonde-haired vixen from another school. And when I say “vixen,” I mean this kind of Vixen (although this was before they even existed) and not this kind.

I was on a bus at the Lincoln Memorial when I first spotted her, talking with a group of girls. It was very patriotic. I still can feel the butterflies I felt then, if I think about it (and when I watch the Fourth of July fireworks from Washington on TV over the Mall/I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free) and when I saw her at our 10th and 15th reunion, I still felt those butterflies, for just a moment.

Infatuation No. 3: Gina: You thought Jeff at View from The Cloud was bad with his infatuation? And uh, I did too until I remembered…

…one summer when I was home from college, working at a convenience store job, I decided to skip going to work and instead go to confess my love to Gina– who lived four hours away! She lived in an old farmhouse near the college and I thought for sure, she was The One.

I didn’t get fired, but I did quit shortly after that. As weird as that was, looking back, I was glad I left the job – no, not that I was creepy like that- but because convenience store jobs suck (apologies to all you convenience store workers out there reading this; I don’t mean to dash your illusions).

Worst part: I think I got there and she wasn’t there. All I remember ironically this song was playing on the radio in her parent’s living room as I left:

It stayed with me for the next four hours– ooh, ooh…


Visit where the humor hurts so good it will leave wounds, scars and marks on you– if you’re into that kind of thing.

11 responses to “Infatuation hurts, wounds, scars, marks

  1. sure love hurts, which is why I avoid it at all costs. 😉

  2. That Nazareth video is beyond awesome.

  3. Love hurts–truer words were never spoken. But I’ll bet that the anticipation you felt while driving to her place was pretty sweet and probably has a soundtrack of its own. Do you remember what tunes accompanied your trip of true love?

  4. I will say in his defense that one of the girls he crushed on is actually a really neat person. I met her at his class reunion and we went to her 40th birthday party. I’m comforted that at least his taste isn’t suspect. Because that would make me paranoid.

  5. And I can’t stop looking at your award from Kirsten. It rawks!

  6. I, too, love your links. But I sort of thought the Love Hurts had to be a parody.

    And yeah, OK, now I’ll that song in my head for four hours.


  7. I love the memories your hyperlinks brought: Cheers, Vixen, Rod, Nazareth. I wish you’d provided more details about the girls, though! I was left wishing for more. Maybe you can do a “part deaux” post.

  8. I’m glad you posted that “vixen” link in the “Infatuation No. 2” section, because up until that point I thought that “Kelly” was actually a caribou! That would have been rather disturbing.

    Thanks for the feature BTW.

  9. Uhhhh…I knew nothing about that last chick. You’re kidding right? The second one… good Lord am I sick of hearing about her.

    E-mail me her real name later because … no way. You big stinkin’ dork.

    Does your wife know about all this?

    I hope not. She should be embarrassed.

    Yes, I’m going to vote on humor blogs so later you won’t call me at home or e-mail me and whine about how I “slammed” you but didn’t “vote” for you.

    Wha’ eva.

    (Seriously, this post was hilarious)

  10. unfinishedrambler

    Like the earworms that were placed in my head, your post on your infatuations probably got me to thinking about this subconsciously…even though it took a bit for me to blog about. So thanks.

    Yeah, whenever I hear that song, I think back to then. Not a lot of songs have that kind of resonance for me. That will be another post.

    Those guys in those 70s bands weren’t as pretty as…like, guys from your band. 🙂

  11. Good stuff. Young Jeffrey can totally relate!

    But 4 hours of having Love Hurts in your head is NOT a good thing. And damn, I don’t remember Dan McCafferty being that ugly!