An award from FU– or is that FU, I got another award? Either way, I rock.

Skip DeKades of Future Update is the latest to give me an award: The Kick-Ass Blogger Award.

I can now add this to the virtual mantel of virtual awards I’ve received thus far.

First, it was my sister from Boondock Ramblings AND Meg from Prefers Her Fantasy Life with the brilliantly-done Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 Award:


Then it was Meg again from Prefers Her Fantasy Life (this time with link) with the artfully-done Art de Pico Award:


Before this last award from FU, I received this tastefully-done award from Kirsten at The Soccer Mom Files that spoke to my inner geek:

Edited 10:50 p.m. Sept. 22: I realize now that award wasn’t for me. I was only given an honorable mention, but I’m still staking claim to it, because I loved Star Wars, even if I didn’t really like the Imperial Troopers and much preferred the Jedi Knights.

However, in anticipation of receiving future awards, I’m going to adapt the policy of The Nemesing One from I’m Sure I Don’t Know (which is on his sidebar):

Dear Award Giver:

I’d like to thank you and the Academy of Humor Bloggers International who believe I’m actually funny. I more than appreciate the sentiment, yet like The Nemesing One, I won’t be following the rules of the award.

As the great Bill Murray said in one of my favorite movies of his, Groundhog Day, well, next to Caddyshack and Stripes, etc.: “I’m not going to play by their rules anymore.” For that reason, I won’t be tagging anyone.

Instead, I encourage you to visit my blogroll or where you can find many bloggers there who deserve awards, from the No. 1 blog right down to the last one listed there.

I also won’t be writing up any long post like this one about the award. I’ll acknowledge the person who gave it to me and the award at the end of a post, then either add the award to my sidebar or to a page for the awards along with a link to the site of the blogger who sent it to me.

Thanks, again, Skip, for the award. I appreciate it. Right back at you. 🙂


If you missed that address, it’s where you can VOTE for this post AND then VISIT other funny blogs there, including This Week’s Funny Find (featured on my sidebar) Buffalo This.

My own Future Update: Unfinished Rambler writes an ACTUAL post.

8 responses to “An award from FU– or is that FU, I got another award? Either way, I rock.

  1. Congrats! I didn’t realize you come from such a family of bloggers. Y’all are like the Von Traps, but different.

  2. Ah, so I see yet another blogger is trying to figure out how to balance the joy of the award with the fact that we’re all now running out of virtual space in our virtual homes.

    Totally understood. 🙂

  3. Congrats! I didn’t think about this whole negative feeling about “the rules” that usually come with awards. When I got my first, I just lockstep followed what it said to do. Now, I’m feeling rather uncool. Thanks a lot.

  4. THIS is what you are doing when you should be doing chores? Jeez. No wonder the cat bites you daily.


    The Wife

  5. unfinishedrambler

    Meg: yes, you actually gave me the same one my sister did. I think you actually gave it first. Correction made.

    Chat Blanc: You’re welcome. 🙂

    Lisa: Like you don’t get awards and put them on your blog — like from all your mommy bloggers?

    Uh huh, right.

    I can write another one if I want. So there. :p!

    You’re not a joke. I mentioned your award TOO! Geez, lady.

    Go cry.

    Your cruel brother

  6. What…you’re so popular now?


    And if you won’t be writing posts every time you get an award then why are you writing another one?

    And I thought these things were like spam or chain mail or…well, I guess they are fine when you get them huh? Not when your sister gets them. Then they are a joke….whatever…

    I have to go cry or something.

  7. congrats to you!! awesome choices for the next recipients too!!

  8. Hey wait…didn’t I give you two awards?