Actress 서우 Seo Woo: A fine example of South Korean culture

Lest my last post, Springtime for Hitler in South Korea be seen as just the ravings of an another ugly American, let me offer this fine example of South Korean culture, which my friend (also an American) in South Korea shared with me the other night:

And for a slightly funnier version of this ice cream commercial (um, yes, that’s what’s being sold there, in case you missed what it was she was holding up which looked faintly scatological) if you can stand the earworm another time, are these audition tapes. If you can’t stand it, just fast forward to the one-minute mark:

My response on instant message to my friend after seeing this, and I quote:


and my friend’s response to me (yes, we both near-40-year-old men became two giggling girls):


When I asked him (by the way, he is married to a lovely South Korean woman– lest you think I’m a total ugly American– “hey, my best friend’s wife is South Korean!”) if there were any others he could share, this is what he told me via IM, hence the weird breaks:

Well, if i can find the really egregious ones.
Most of them are boring like the us [which at first I thought he was saying “us” and I was slightly offended because hey, we’re not boring you, are you? until I realized in im-speak that’s the U.S.]
although women here show a bit more skin
on the legs, but not the shoulders
shoulders are considered off-limits

That said, about the shoulders, I’ll leave you with all this commercial, where as you will be able to tell her shoulders are covered (not that you probably would have otherwise noticed while you were watching the commercial if I hadn’t pointed it out):

What did you think she was advertising, you and your perverted mind?!?!

6 responses to “Actress 서우 Seo Woo: A fine example of South Korean culture

  1. unfinishedrambler

    Chat Blanc: Have to admit it got your attention, though, don’t you?

    Doug: That’s where I’ve seen those hand motions in front of the eyes. Thanks. I knew it seemed vaguely familiar. 🙂

    Meg: I thought the same thing about the…ahem…noodle slurping.

    Lisa (The Sister): Yes, thank goodness, American commercials are so much more upfront.

    Muskrat: Yep, but they weren’t completely bare shoulders. That would have been scandalous, I guess.

  2. okay, i saw some shoulders in that middle video. scandal!

  3. OMG.


    I totally knew she was selling sex…er…ice cream….


    Whatever. Their advertising is nothing like over here where we always know what people are trying to sell us..

  4. Having lived in Japan for two years, I knew exactly what that young girl was advertising.

    Very realistic noodle slurping, too, I might add.

  5. For some reason, the dancing in the ice cream commercial reminds me of the Uma Thurman/John Travolta dance scene in “Pulp Fiction”.

  6. hahahaha!! I can’t believe anyone would actually pay to have that first ad made!