The end of BBAW: Highlighting my top three reviews and six bloggers new to me

Since I didn’t blog on yesterday’s assignment for Book Blogger Appreciation Week, I thought I’d include this in post about yesterday’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week activity, where we were to brag on ourselves with a favorite post of ours, or a few, and then for today’s activity, where we were to do whatever.

How I’m going to do this is a variation of my Saturday’s Me and You posts, in which each week I first highlight posts from my five blogs and then highlight posts I’ve found interesting for that week from other blogs. In that spirit, I’m going to put the spotlight on my top three reviews (with only about 50 done so far) and six book blogs from the BBAW participants list that I had never visited previously until today. However, the titles of their blogs caught my eye, so I thought (doing a lot of thinking today, so far little action 😉 that I’d share them with you in the hope you might check them out too.


I thought I’d do a look back to see what have been my top posts since I’ve begun and share my top three. Thanks to, I have those statistics available, but instead of sharing the links to my pages about what I’m reading (etc., see top of page), which are among my top posts, I’ve decided just to link to reviews I’ve done.

  1. Far and away, the No. 1 post because it’s been highlighted on several other book blogs, especially YA-themed blogs: The Absolutely True Diary of A Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie and also perhaps not surprisingly, my favorite book so far this year.
  2. Three Cups of Tea: Worth taking the time to sip on the book Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission To Fight Terrorism and Build Nations…One School At A Time by Greg Mortensen with David Relin.
  3. David Sedaris books: Me Talk Pretty One Day and Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim: I will forewarn you that I quote from a section in the first one about Sedaris’s brother “The Rooster,” in which he uses quite a bit of…ahem…vulgarity, but it’s in keeping with his character, and still funny nonetheless.


While I could just regurgitate the entire participant list, which is fine and which I appreciate because I’m going to add them all to my list of book blogs, instead I thought (again, I’m doing a lot of that today) I’d highlight six whose titles caught my eye. So without further adieu, in alphabetical order:

  • A Platypus with a book walks into a bar…: Krista, who started by reviewing books on LibraryThing, shares her reviews here — and she can balance a plate of what looks like vegetables on her head in her profile picture. Hmmmm, and I couldn’t find the punch line to the joke either, but maybe I’ll have to do some more searching.
  • All The Saints of the City of the Angels: Seeking the Soul of L.A. on Its Streets is the blog of artist J. Michael Walker, whose book (same title as blog) features stories and paintings about all 103 of the streets named for saints in L.A. I was drawn to this because I have a blog named Journeying with the Saints, and wondered what his was about. Very fascinating: I look forward to exploring this more later.
  • Book Dweeb: A YA librarian shares book reviews of YA novels. In addition to reviews, she also rants, provides book and site news. Her latest review is of Rick Riordan’s latest, The Maze of Bones (39 Clues Book 1), which I had seen at the bookstore where I work part-time and was wondering if it was any good. For her analysis, check out her blog.
  • Book Minx: Samantha is an English major with an addiction to coffee, chocolate and books. While sadly I’m not a fan of coffee, I do love chocolate and (duh) books. She also recently has begun reviewing movies. The layout of her blog is very easy to navigate also; not that the others I’ve mentioned weren’t, but hers I especially noticed.
  • Mrs. Magoo Reads: Like Samantha, she also does movie reviews and has a feature called Saturday Scribes where she posts either an author interview or guest blog.
  • Under the Cover: P.D. just started in August this blog where she shares her “thoughts, reviews, delights and disappointments” of books. From what I’ve seen there, I like her short to the point reviews.

5 responses to “The end of BBAW: Highlighting my top three reviews and six bloggers new to me

  1. Just letting you know that I know you are a person O Foolish One 🙂 and I love your blog(s)

  2. So hope you like gods in Alabama! And yes, I know I am totally cheating by doing The Sunday Salon on Saturday, but I’ve decided it needs to be called The Weekend Salon (in my head, anyway)!! I really need to add that Sherman Alexie book to my TBR list…

  3. I recently listened to Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim on audio, read by Sedaris, and oh my goodness, did the stories about his brother’s wedding and the birth of his daughter make me laugh! I also thought Six to Eight Black Men was hilarious.

  4. It was so much fun exploring so many new blogs! I’ve added tons to Google Reader.

  5. Great summary! I’m heading over to check out a few of the blogs you mentioned right now.