God’s Country Marathon 2008

This post was first published on my running blog, just a (running) fool, this past Monday.


The last time I wrote in this blog– I wrote of discipline of the body, mind and soul. Then as too often is the case, I promptly fell and haven’t run in over a week.

Before this, I already had been thinking of “bowing out” of this year’s Bald Eagle Area Mountain Megatransect, but with less than three weeks to go to the event, this latest “slip” confirmed it. So this weekend, I sent an e-mail to one of the race organizers to say I would not be participating this year.


My goal when I began this blog was to run a marathon by the time I was 40. Earlier this year, I rationalized that by completing the 24.9 mile Megatransect last year, that with its total elevation gain of more than 5,000 feet across those 24.9 miles, it was more than equal to a marathon and so fulfilled my goal.

However, now I am thinking that in my mind– and perhaps in the minds of others– that 1.3 mile difference makes all the difference. If my goal originally was to run a marathon and I don’t complete that goal in mileage, then have I really completed the goal? In the end, the answer is no (at least to the purist, as mentioned below).


So to that end, I am signing up for The God’s Country Marathon in neighboring Potter County, Pennsylvania (I live in Tioga County), which is on June 6, 2009, three days before my 40th birthday.

On one hand, if you look at the course, it’s not a major change from the Megatransect, in that it has its share of hills, including one major one called Denton Hill. But on the other hand, it has something the Megatransect doesn’t: 1.3 miles.

Addendum: I’m also adding this comment which was on the running blog from Trail Guy, who has done the Megatransect– to my knowledge– every year since it has begun.

To grow old and wise…… Giving up your spot if not properly trained is a sign of wisdom. I too once had the same goal of a marathon by 40 and ran a total of 6 before the date. None of my marathons were as tough as any Megatransect. Yet a purist would agree, 26.2 makes you a marathoner. Go for it! Discipline yourself and succeed.

Thanks, Dave. I appreciate the words of encouragement. For more information on the Megatransect, visit its website here.

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