Springtime for Hitler in South Korea

So this morning while talking to a friend in South Korea, he sent me this link.

Back in April, a cosmetics company there previewed an ad, which had a young woman dressed in a military-style trench coat holding a soldier’s cap that appeared to have the Nazi eagle insignia on it. The ad also used the slogan: “Even Hitler didn’t have the East and West.” For some reason, the Simon Wisenthal Center in Los Angeles objected.

In response, the company toned down the message to “No one has ever had the East and West.” Hmmm, either way, I think something was lost in translation.

According to this article, the agency that produced the ad said it believed a Nazi soldier and Hitler “symbolized revolution that is in keeping with the lotion’s revolutionary moisturizing and calming effect.” It said “the reference to the East and West emphasized the product’s dual function.”

Ah, now it all makes sense– I see the connection between the invasion of Poland and the extermination of millions of Jews and the moisturizing and calming effect of SKIN lotion. I know Europe and the world became a calmer place as a result.

Oddly, this was not the first time that South Korea has had confusion over Hitler, as evidenced by this article.

Best quote from owner about why he chose Hitler as the theme for his bar: “Beer got me thinking about Germany (the home of beer) which made me think of Hitler.”

So with that line of thinking I should create a vodka lounge with Vladimir Ilyich Lenin as a theme: “Vodka got me thinking about Russia (the home of vodka) which made me think of Lenin….

“That, in turn, got me thinking about creating a kitschy kind of bar with a replica of Lenin encased in glass like he once was in his mausoleum. You could set your drinks on the glass and wax philosophical (of course, completely tongue in cheek) about the good old days of Communism with your comrades as you toasted to Vladimir Ilyich — power to the people!”


“Or if we wanted to accommodate the new style of his tomb, we could just have everyone sit around him and shoot the bull with Lenin. It could be like a hangout for college kids, where they could feel free to talk politics– of course, at any moment, the Thought Police might take them away, but that will part of the kitsch. I’m thinking of opening it in Ithaca, N.Y. actually.”

Lenin's tomb

“Who knows? I might even could bring Stalin back to join Lenin– or in the future, I might even open a chain of mausoleum-themed restaurants, with Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh and Kim il Sung. Of course, I would have to adapt to each culture, to be…ahem…sensitive to that particular culture. So what do people in China drink anyway? I know in Japan, it’s sake, but China and North Korea? I’ll have to do a little more research first.”

Now while I was searching for the appropriate video to go with this post, I got sidetracked and instead found this gem:


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10 responses to “Springtime for Hitler in South Korea

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  3. Do you have some sort of problem with Chouchescu? Why can’t he have a bar too??

  4. Did I ever tell you I saw the tomb of Ho Chi Minh? Yep, I was in Vietnam before Clinton opened up relations. Went there from Tokyo. Please don’t do the math.

    And speaking of communism–my favorite topic–has The Wife ever seen Max with John Cusack–he plays Hilter’s art teacher? Nice movie although Cusack is the worst actor in it.

    Anyway, great Mel Brooks clip. 😉

  5. unfinishedperson

    muskrat: Hey, there’s an idea…I didn’t say a good idea, but there’s an idea. 😉

    Jenn: I was actually thinking about going for the Hitler mustache. Thanks for reminding me.

    Rickey: Actually I didn’t know it until I learned it today from somebody. Heineken began in Amsterdam. So you’re safe.

    Lisa: That’s a great idea. I was trying to think of some way to incorporate the purges he had, but this might be better…plus some people are into that kind of thing. Sick freaks.

    The Hypocritical One: Yeah….I did too, but when something like this falls in your lap, you can’t pass up on writing about it, can you? Well, I couldn’t anyway.

  6. Wow…I thought Hitler was an untouchable comedy subject…touche!!


  7. I totally dig the Stalin-themed restaurant. Every third Wednesday you could drag people into a “Siberia” room and beat them and make them do hard labor so they get a feel for what it was like back then. It would be like a “living history” restaurant and bar.

    So cool.

  8. Hitler is making a skin softening statement?!

    Oh no, you just KNOW a Hitler Mustache Resurgence isn’t far behind then.

  9. Oops, looks like no more ordering Heineken for Rickey…

  10. Nice! In the U.S., perhaps we should use Booth, Ray, Hinckley, Oswald, or other shooters.