BBAW: Highlighting my favorite blogs (who didn’t make the final cut, but should have)

In keeping with the first activity for Book Bloggers Appreciation Week,  Amy asked to thank and highlight book blogs we love to read that didn’t make the list of nominations. So here goes, alphabetically by title of blog, so not to slight anyone’s egos:

  • raidergirl3 @ an adventure in reading: I know her mostly from her weekly feature, It’s Tuesday, Where are you?
  • Bethany @ B & B ex libris: I know her as a the hostess of the Orbis Terrarum Challenge and also the leader of the group travel the world from a comfy chair over at Book Blogs on Ning. This month’s book is Half A Yellow Sun by Chimananda Ngozi Adichie.
  • Clare Swindlhurst @ Blue Archipelago: She also has a virtual book club, to which I confess I haven’t been as often as I would like, especially on a discussion on Great Expectations, which I just recently finished. However, I hope to get over there soon.
  • Kristen @ Book Club Classics: She has many series, but one of my favorites is her 50 states, 50 books.
  • Suey @ It’s All About Books: It seems like we’re always reading similar books, for example, Great Expectations, which I just finished last week, and now I’m reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, which she also just recently finished.
  • Joy Hall @ Joy’s Blog: I think we connected through The Sunday Salon, but I’m not really sure. Wherever it was, I enjoy checking out her blog, even though I think she should switch over to her blog here soon (hint, hint, Joy). 🙂
  • Kerrie @ Mysteries in Paradise: I need to explore more all those who were nominated in the mystery category, but for my money, Kerrie is the best with not only her reviews, but highlighting other bloggers and authors that aren’t as well-known (at least to me, maybe).
  • Bybee @ Naked Without Books!: I believe Bybee was one of my favorite
  • Sarah @ SmallWorldReads. Not only do I enjoy seeing what she’s reading, but also I enjoy to see what she’s been writing with her Sunday Scribblings entries, where often she shares her poetry. She is hosting a challenge Life Books Challenge, which looks pretty interesting as well.
  • Stefanie @ So Many Books: I’ll be honest I haven’t read enough of Stefanie, but I love her Sunday series, reflecting on the writings of Emerson.
  • and last, but not least, Florinda @ The 3 R’s: Reading, ‘Riting and Randomness: This L.A. blogger rocks. I love her Saturday Review where she highlights her blog reading throughout the week and now do my own version of it at my main blog an unfinished person in an unfinished universe.

13 responses to “BBAW: Highlighting my favorite blogs (who didn’t make the final cut, but should have)

  1. You mentioned some of my favorites up there! I subscribe to most of those, but found two new to me blogs on your list that I’ve added to my Google reader (So Many Books, and Mysteries In Paradise). Thanks for including the links. I thought BBAW was a fun way to meet new bloggers – I know there are its critics out there, but no event is perfect and I thought Amy really did a great job.

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  3. This is an awesome idea. I’ve finally looked at your book blog and this is awesome! I am also over at Unfinished Person, catching up on your week! Your blogs are very cool and I’m not only saying that because you hold a bunch of black mail stuff on me. 🙂

  4. Thank you…someone’s gonna make me cry before the week is out!

  5. Cool theme for site! Where can i download it?

  6. I’m so happy to be on your list! Cool! And funny thing, you’re on mine too! 🙂

  7. Thank you!! And right back at ya! 😉

  8. Thanks very much for mentioning my blog! Yeah, I’m thinking more and more the WordPress blog may be the way of the future for me. You have such good taste!

  9. Thanks for the kind words and the mention :0) I need to spend more time drumming up some more readers for the Virtual Book Club – and finishing Great Expectations! *lol*

  10. I also featured Stefanie. Aren’t her Emerson posts great?

    I need to visit with some of the other bloggers you’ve mentioned 🙂

  11. Thanks for the vote of confidence. The problemwith any competition is that there are winners and non-winners. Blogging just gives me great pleasure and I love both writing mine and reading the blogs of others.

  12. What a neat idea! You are the most thoughtful of people. 🙂